What I’m about to share is probably the most important piece of coaching I’ll ever give anyone, especially when they feel like they don’t have anything valuable to offer (or that what they’re offering isn’t worth much).

It’s simple, but not easy to remember. I’ve found that we all need a lot of reminders! Even those who seem like they’ve got it all perfectly together.

So… we all have those ‘lifey’ moments where something ain’t right, or we’re stuck on a big decision, or swimming in a sea of overwhelm.

What I’ve noticed is that in these moments, most of us turn to our mentors, our friends, our teachers, and maybe even psychics, astrologers, and diviners, for help. We might even find ourselves telling the same story over and over again in the hopes of finding an answer somewhere along the way.

But what I’ve discovered is that the only guidance or advice that usually works in those “make it or break it” kind of moments is the kind where:

a) We feel more deeply seen and understood than ever before

b) Our truth is uncovered beneath any blinding layers of BS

c) We ultimately feel more confident in our own inner knowing

The rest gets second guessed, ignored, and discarded almost every time… or worse, if someone actually takes advice that goes against their inner compass, they can wind up resenting the person who gave it.

If you’re someone who has got some great medicine to share with others, there’s a better way. 

It’s better for a couple of reasons:

  1. it’ll solve your problem faster
  2. it’ll make you way more confident in your ability to serve, and increase your sense of self worth

The answer is this:

Take a big heaping dose of your own medicine and apply your genius to yourself.

Here’s why.

Life periodically throws situations at us that are confronting, where we don’t know what to do or how to be. These intense moments are key opportunities to rediscover our unique magic – which we have access to because *we* need it the most.

When we use our own genius to help ourselves, we increase our mastery of the medicine we carry. Which better qualifies us to serve it to the people who need it. (People need our medicine, not as a magic bullet – which doesn’t exist – but as a doorway to their own self healing!)

This happens again and again, over and over. We learn, we practice, and we apply it forever and ever. Possibly for lifetimes!

If we skip this step, and go on thinking that our own medicine isn’t good enough for us, not strong enough for us, not valuable enough to us –  we’ll always feel like we’re “not enough.” Not helpful enough. Not skilled enough. Not worthy, Not worth paying. Not worth paying a lot. And on and on and on and on and on… 

But when we apply this medicine to ourselves and it inevitably helps us in some profound way, we become increasingly confident, and more able to be of service. So when you are facing down big blocks or despair the best question to ask yourself is, “How can my medicine remedy this? How is it the perfect solution?”

And then allow yourself to receive the healing, and take note of how it helps you.

I have yet to encounter a situation where this hasn’t turned out to be true.

But don’t take my word for it… see for yourself! 

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