Some people seem to have a certain magic. A certain charisma, the power to speak in a way that others can really hear it. The ability to pull them in and rile them up. To magnetize and polarize. 

I’ve always been fascinated by this and wondered, “Why? What makes this possible?”

This is what I’ve found.

We’ve all heard the adage, “Hurt people hurt people.”

Is that always true? 

Maybe not, but it holds a kernel of truth — that when we take action from an intense state, we can transmit that intensity.

What I do know to be true is that, “Moved people move people.” If we want to really impact people, it’s wisest to communicate when we’re feeling moved.

Our words still matter, but our energetic transmission seems to matter more. The challenge is, of course, that we don’t all walk around all day long feeling moved. There are glimpses. Moments of joy, grief, and opening. 

What I always tell my coaching clients, and what I’ve found works best is this:

If you’re not moved, get moving.

Literally or figuratively.

I get my most inspiring ideas on hikes or dancing or in natural bodies of water. I also get them when I’m around people who are touched, grieving, or in deep creative flow. Movement moves us.

We are all so hungry to be inspired. To be lifted from the mundane into an exalted state. And we all have the ability to be someone who moves others with our words, our energy, our care — our ability to connect our hearts together for a sacred moment.

This is how we move mountains.

This is how we create seemingly impossible change.

This is how we build momentum and find a way forward. 

This is real and it works.

Recently I guided a client to find a way to “move” herself back into a state of inspiration at the end of a creative launch she was about to give up on.

She doubled her enrollment and is now celebrating a very successful program.

If your words aren’t landing, ask yourself if you’re moved. And if not… you know what to do.

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