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Podcast Interviews

The Psyched Soul Podcast: Creative Sorcery, Soul-Path Alignment & Prayer Magick with Tara Divina

In this podcast interview, Tara unlocks the formula for a fulfilling creative career. She shares her journey from a conventional career path to embracing a life enriched by Vedic astrology, the therapeutic use of plant medicine, and guiding others to find abundance through sharing their magical gifts.

Successful Spiritualpreneur Podcast: Integrating Spirituality into the Entrepreneurial Journey, Power of Authenticity

In this podcast interview, Tara Divina welcomes us into her realm of spiritual coaching and creative entrepreneurship. Tara shares her insights on integrating spirituality into everyday life and cultivating deep fulfillment beyond traditional paradigms. Through her journey and wisdom, Tara highlights the significance of honoring one’s inner wisdom and nurturing a sense of connection with the divine.

Unconventional Life: Finding Fulfillment and Earning in Your Creative Career with Heart Healing Musician and Business Coach Tara Divina

Do you have a dream job you would pursue if money didn’t matter? It’s a common question that people ask themselves. A saying goes, “work for your passion, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” In this fast-paced world, you will think it’s impossible. But what if I told you that earning in your creative career is very attainable? In this podcast interview, Tara Divina unlocks the formula for a fulfilling creative career.

Anyone Can Play Guitar: Tara Divina Interview

In this episode, we speak to Tara Divina. If you visit her website, you’ll be presented with this call to action – “You deserve to experience the greatest joy and fulfilment life has to offer. Create your work of art. Leave your legacy. Live free of regret.” Big statements. And she can help. An ex record label exec and current musician and coach shares a wealth of fantastic insights.

 Planetary Gigs Society: Tara Divina, musician, coach, healer 

Tara Divina left her job in the music business to become a musician and also a coach for musicians, artists, and others to help them find their core message. She and Jefferson talked about her views of music and life, her vedic astrology work, and the role of shamanism in her mystical coaching practice.

Multi-Passionate Like a Boss: Tara Divina on Being Captivated (or Finding Your Soul Career)

In this episode, Tara talks about going from having NO passion to feeling obsessed and finding her soul’s calling. This interview covers the following topics: Vedic astrology, plant medicine, Adult Attachment Theory, time blocking, and more.

The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast: Destiny Vs. Prayer – Weaving Vedic Astrology on the Plant Medicine Path with Tara Divina

In this episode we talk about destiny versus prayer, the difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology, grief as an essential part of the creative process, the important of letting go, creativity, and how the medicine supports us on the path as a visionary entrepreneur.

Behind the DAW: Branding Your Music with Tara Divina

In this podcast interview, Tara talks about about unique music branding, the best and worst kind of musical brands, and the 5 questions you can ask yourself to find your own unique brand.

Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast: Creative Ideas To Increase Your Music Income Streams with Tara Divina

Are you looking for new ways to make income off your music? Then, take a listen to this interview where Tara shares her most profitable sources and learn how she may be able to help you take a step in the right direction.

Fearless Happyness Podcast: Creative Business Coach Tara Divina

Listen in as Tara discusses her struggles and challenges, personal and professional, and how she overcame them to be a successful creative business coach!

The New Music Industry Podcast: Uncover Your Core Message with Tara Divina

Do you know what your brand message is? Do you know what difference you’re out to make in the world with your music? Tune into this podcast episode to hear Tara teach on uncovering your core message and rediscovering your identity as an artist.

The Set Up: “Just Let Go” Crowdfunding & Playlisting with Tara Divina

Tune into this interview to hear Tara discuss how her marketing strategy led to a successful crowdfunding campaign and a boost in her streaming numbers.

Rise Up For You: Creative And Authentic Entrepreneurship

Tune into this episode to hear insights and tips from Tara for creative entrepreneurs on building an organic following using authentic self expression, and generating a sustainable income using all of their gifts.

 The Profitable Musician Show: Creative Ideas On How To Generate Income Streams For Musicians

Tune in as Bree Noble introduces Tara Divina, a creative business coach and a heart-healing medicine musician. Tara talks with Bree about how setting up a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to leverage the enthusiasm of your fans and supporters into financial results.

Making It with Chris G: Tara Divina – Developing Your Artist Brand & Music Business Strategy

In this interview, Tara & Chris G. discuss branding, Spotify playlisting, engaging with people on social media, crowdfunding, and more.

The Lil’ Drummer Girl: Live Your Truth and Let Your Creativity Flow with Tara Divina

Tara Divina shares some of her favorite tips for staying centered as an artist. Tara is a heart-healing medicine musician who creates songs to bring our deepest prayers into reality. 

Break the Business Podcast: Guest Tara Divina

Tara Divina joins this episode as a guest to talk about your core message, marketing, making it as a creator/musician, and so much more.

 Working Musician Podcast: Tara Divina

In this Episode, Tara touches on her experiences at Warner Music Group, becoming unemployable, the songwriting process, crowdfunding, and more.

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