I’m Tara Divina and I’m here to help you rediscover your identity as an artist, so that you can feel a sense of fulfillment unlike anything else.

Perhaps you…

☆ Dream of writing a book or script, recording an album, making jewelry or clothing, or any other creative project, but you’re not sure how to integrate this into your life or business.

☆ Have always wanted to give yourself the gift of prioritizing your self expression 

☆ Want support birthing your project because you either never start, or you keep losing steam.

Dream of having your creations seen by the people who need it the most

I want to help you leave a legacy of beauty and inspiration that you’re truly proud of.

My Story


At the ripe age of 20 years old, I started working as an intern at London-Sire Records in New York City. Over the course of the next decade, I got to make up internet marketing, sales and publicity as it was being invented. It was an exciting time!

Ultimately, I joined the executive team at the Warner Music Group, overseeing digital sales and marketing for their independent music arm. By all appearances, I had a very successful career.

But I felt empty. Sad. Confused. What was wrong with me… didn’t I have it all?

I woke up to my truth, which was that I wanted to do what my soul craved: Make music, follow my inner compass, and be free to choose my own path. So that is what I did.

12 years ago, I reinvented myself as a healing musician and Vedic Astrologer. Then, I co-founded a business to help people heal their attachment style and find lasting love, and grew it to multiple 7-figures in revenue using creative writing.

After a while, I realized that I wanted more people to experience the sheer joy of having a creative career. And this is how my creative business coaching journey began.

Now I want you to experience the magic of creating your art, to be completely seen as an artist, to receive full permission to be exactly who you are, and to have a map so you know how to get the word out step in the most aligned, true way possible where you are shining your brightest light.

Do you want that for yourself? If you feel that knowing “yes” inside…

How Can I Support You?

You may be wondering:

  • What am I meant to create, and am I really talented enough?
  • How can I find the time to make art?
  • How does this fit in with my current business/career?
  • Where will I find my fans and build a following?
  • Do I need a record deal, a book deal, an agent, manager or producer?
  • What if people criticize me or don’t like my creations?

I want to help you get clear on what you are here to create, how to make it a priority, how to weave it into your current offerings, and get it into the hands of those who need it most.

How Do We Work Together?

I offer private coaching, a group mastermind, and home study programs.

Find out which one is best for you.