Let’s talk about comparison, envy and jealousy, especially when it comes to art and creativity.

You probably know the feeling, the burning desire to share your song, your voice, your art, and to feel good about it. And then the sinking feeling in your belly when someone phenomenally gifted absolutely KILLS it doing the same thing.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I can’t share my music now – everyone here is way better than me!” Or, “Who am I to be teaching this when there are people who know more than me?”

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt small or lame or untalented when I’ve found myself performing next to a musical virtuoso. Or wondered what I could possibly have to offer on a topic where other experts have been around much longer. It’s the worst feeling!

And the thoughts that come along with it are so convincing.

It seems so real that we should not even bother to try.

The truth is, we will probably never be as skilled as some person who is better than us, because we won’t ever catch up to their growth unless they stop evolving. But more importantly, it’s not the point.

Skill isn’t the whole story when it comes to art and self expression. The other day, I was sharing songs with a group – next to someone whose songwriting blows my mind (and heart). My guitar skills, rhythm, heck even my singing and songwriting may never be this advanced. It’s humbling to offer music after they play.

Afterwards, I expressed how much I loved and felt deeply healed by one of their songs. To my surprise, this person then told me how moved they were by my song. They were truly touched, and tears were flowing.

And then I remembered… oh yea. It’s not about our talent. Our skill level. Our status. 

Being a successful artist is only ever about how many hearts we touch.

How many minds we open.

How many souls are moved.

Including, and most importantly – our own. 

This is what I remind my clients of every day: That your voice matters. That there’s no need to be “the best”. That it’s time to share when you feel moved to share. So if you find yourself with a bad case of comparison-itis, not-good-enough-itis or plain old jealousy, just remember that it’s all an illusion.

The way you touch, move and inspire people will forever be uniquely yours.

And that is always worth sharing.

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