What my clients are saying about our work together…

“Hands down one of the best investments I made!”

Tara is a muse. I’m not sure how she did it, but while in her presence my words flowed with clarity, passion and focus. Hands down, one of the best people I sat with when starting out my business.

Leah Lamb

Dreamer Weaver, Soul Stories

“I have to brag in the last 30 days, I’ve brought in $18,000!”

It’s so nice to be back at this point where my bank account is reflecting a much higher number where I feel like I can breathe now. There’s a reason why I signed up to be part of a group mastermind: group energy turns me on. I needed something to come along and activate me, and I have this group to thank for igniting my core message. The shares just turned me on, and then I started writing about it and I couldn’t stop writing about it.

Melissa Simonson

Self-Love & Relationship Coach

“My channel is OPENING”

My Channel is OPENING, thank you Tara for the esoteric magic behind simply being present here with you holding this field of possibility for us!

Maria Teresa Chavez

Health and Wellness Warrior

“I have enough copy gold for an entire year out of just one session.”

I had a profound core message session with you, and I have copy gold enough for an entire year out of just one session. Looking forward to working with you more!

Michelle Berry

Executive Coach, P Corp

“I’m truly astounded in the shift I’ve felt.”

With this course, I’ve come to deeply LOVE my writing time. It used to feel like such a chore to create content and copy – and now I truly look forward to what creatively emerges. I now have guidance, structure, and real feedback to lean into and expand with. I’m truly astounded in the shift I’ve felt. WITH SO MUCH GRATITUDE ❤️

Lindsay Dickes

Somatic Coach & Spiritual Mentor

“I’ve never written so much content in such a short period of time with such intention.”

Thank you Tara for being our Writing Mother in this container! I’ve never written so much content in such a short period of time with such intention. My writing is flowing regularly now and I love having your editing eye to keep me accountable & confident. It feels really good to have posts written, edited and ready to go in my back end. I didn’t know what would give me freedom. I thought that spontaneous posting was my free spirit happy place. Turns out I enjoy the spontaneous ideas for the rough draft daily writing and a loose plan for each week of posts. Thank you!!!

Nicole Powers

Mindset Coach

“Tara ROCKS as a coach.”

Tara ROCKS as a coach. She’s not just a cheerleader. She gets down to brass tacks strategy and is a very adept authentic marketing copy writer/editor.

Heather Dougherty

Founder, Date Evolution, DateEvolution.com

“I could write an essay on Tara and how she’s changed my life.”

I was in a very dark place and complicated chapter, on the cusp of my Saturn in return… Tara reached into my darkness and shined a beautiful light through this. I found myself deeply validated/seen for the specific difficulties and suppressed gifts I had been carrying. She assisted me in better seeing myself and watching out for my own self-sabotage. It was only a few months into being her coaching client when we unearthed the work I’ve been called to do long ago but hadn’t yet acted on. Tara spotted my joy and gave me useful tips to market myself as a Wellness consultant for Lyme and pcos sufferers. Within two weeks I was gaining clients, reconnected to my creativity, crystal clear on my vision. Tara is practical, well versed in a versatile range of tools, asks potent questions, and keeps my rambling mind focused in our sessions. If you are drawn to her work, trust that you’ve stumbled on her for a reason.

Caitlin Winson

Wellness Consultant, Receptive Insights

“I gained months worth of wisdom and strategy.”

I gained months worth of wisdom and strategy from my first 20 minute call with Tara, she’s the real deal y’all!

Isis Anchalee

CEO, Moon Rising, Moon-Rising.co

“Anyone who gets to work with Tara is very fortunate, as I was…”

Consider yourself fortunate if you are lucky enough to get a spot to work with Tara. I was going through a period of writing refinement for some time and she really helped me de-fluff my writing style, stay things more clearly, and more importantly, she helped me start to realize and bring into language the “magical creature” she saw that I am.

Joanna Intara

Intimacy Alchemist and Singer, JoannaIntara.com

“It feels like the deepest truth and offering that lights me up!”

OMG I’m buzzing over here. I’ve been working on the core message, not only does it feel like the deepest truth and offering that lights me up (I feel on fire), it is so in alignment with my group program. So much more powerful because it’s so resonant. we hit the jackpot! Thank you!

Lori Beth

Psychotherapist, Teacher and Mentor, LoriBethGoldman.com

“Just got another fully paid sign up for the mentorship!”

I am so grateful to be working with you and that you’ve supported me in making this happen. Feels really important for my growth!

Hanna Leigh

Musician, Coach, Mentor, Doula, Awaken Your Song

“…astounding helpful…to understand me as a unique individual in the context of my life.”

Tara is an extraordinary human being and guide to helping people understand their unique gifts, challenges, and direction in life. She has a unique combination of intellect, wisdom and intuition—drawing upon personal experience, a successful corporate career, and a diverse exploration of personal development, she is both practically grounded and connected to something much greater than herself. My session with her was astounding helpful in her capacity to understand me as a unique individual in the context of my life—past, present, and possible futures. Quelling doubts, naming strengths, revealing character tendencies, exploring blind spots, identifying areas of focus; a session with Tara puts the ‘personal’ in personal development, helping to you to uniquely understand yourself and the life you live.

Johnny Blackburn

Integral Coach

“…put your finger on exactly what your next step should be to move forward…”

Tara is a gentle powerhouse in the world of transformation. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is mind boggling. What makes her unique is her ability to put your finger on exactly what your next step should be to move forward with velocity.

Raj Sundra

Founder, Transformance Business Consulting