“How do I start to be creative?”

This is a question I recently received on one of my posts, and I wanted to share my answer with you.

In order to start feeling and being more creative in your life and your business, I find it incredibly helpful to do the following:

1. Look at what creativity you feel drawn to and most obsessed with in others: This is the aesthetic that inspires you. Even if you aren’t able to create in this way (yet), it’s a signpost of where you want to go and a clue of where to begin. I recommend making vision boards, Pinterest boards and saving content that you can come back to and look at for further inspiration.

2. Experiment with tons of different mediums (pottery, jewelry, metalsmithing, whatever!) This is the best way to figure out YOUR primary medium. You’ll ultimately wind up with 1-2 that you dive in with deeply, since it’s hard to master many at once. You’ll know which medium is for you because it will grab you in a way others don’t (ideally you will become a bit obsessed with it.)  And in the meantime, the exploration is so much fun!

3. Listen to the whispers of anything that is calling you, even if it’s ever-so-quietly! I often get teeny tiny hints about what to move toward. For example, I found myself doing a lot of online clothing browsing/shopping during a period of time and I couldn’t stop myself. Instead of running away from this seemingly distracting habit, I asked myself what I was looking for. Turns out I was looking for clothing that nobody has created: sustainable, natural fibre, sexy, stretchy, everyday clothing for curvy women. This led me to start working on the clothing line I hope to launch someday soon! 

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