I was showing my partner an old SNL video of Guido Sarducci’s 5-minute university, where for $20, he’ll give you all the education you’ll actually remember 5 years after graduating college.

Economics: Supply and demand
Business: Buy low, sell high
Spanish: Como estas? Esta bien!

Sadly brilliant and true.

The lesson? Everything can be reduced to its essence, and that’s what we ultimately take away from it. The rest… we forget. The details are not important enough to recall.

This is the key to marketing and branding.

What people remember is the consistent thread that runs through everything we put out there.

The exact thing that we offer – the format, the timing, the niche – this is secondary to the core message we broadcast.

Tomorrow, no one will remember the details of what we posted today. What they will remember is the way that they feel when they hear us.

They will recall the ways their thinking has shifted over time by seeing how we think.
They will recall what they’ve learned from how we relate to big events in the world and our life.
They will recall the things we’ve repeated over and over again in different ways.

The specifics? All that matters is that they bring us joy. This joyful energy comes through loud and clear in our sharing.

This is why getting clear on your core message is gold.
This is why allowing your core message to be woven through all your forms of expression is gold.

And this is where I begin with all of my clients.

Do you know your core message? What is it?

Mine (at the moment) is: Make your life a work of art.