Tara DivinaI’ve observed that main difference between people who have made extraordinary dreams come true in their career, love life, living situation and finances – and those who haven’t – is simple.

Most people give up or settle during the “gap.”

The most successful people trust “the gap” and keep going.

“The gap” is that cloying, empty, terrifyingly vacant space between where we are now and where we desire to be.

“The gap” is that time after we’ve launched something but no one bought it yet.

We posted something and no one liked it yet.

We broke up with someone and haven’t met someone new yet.

We quit our job and don’t know our purpose yet.

We gave notice on our house but haven’t found a new one yet.

These are life’s most uncomfortable moments.

We have no proof that we will succeed, and yet to succeed we have to trust.

We need to trust that we will be able to do something without knowing the “how,” “when” or sometimes even the “what.”

The trust is required because otherwise we will not be able to endure the extreme discomfort of being in the unknown, and will try to close the “gap” by filling it with something.

We will try to fill the “gap” with something else – either an inferior option we believe is the best we can get, or by declaring failure so we can quit and remove the risk of actually failing by continuing to try.

So we might settle for the just-good-enough relationship, the passable house, less money than we truly want…

Or we might decide we can’t have what we want and settle for nothing.

We’ve all probably heard the caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis trope a million times now, but “the gap” is when we have turned into imaginal cells, and haven’t yet become a butterfly struggling to emerge from the cocoon.

If we can patiently wait in the cocoon, while doing the mindset work and taking the basic tactical steps to achieve our goal, we will get there soon, or eventually.

But we are wired to fear the cocoon, the unknown. To avoid it at all costs. It reminds us of death. And we are wired for survival.

Successful people are so committed to achieving their desired outcome that it supersedes this primal fear.

And yet most of us need help, reminders and guidance when the basic human instinct to return to comfort and survival gets really loud.

No one is immune from this.

Not the superstar performer who throws up before every show.

Not the millionaire coach who gets jittery before every launch.

Not the athlete who is training to break a world record.

No, they all get lost in the “gap” sometimes. But they all have someone to walk them through it and remind them of who they are, why they’re here and how to stay the course.

I’ve found that one of the places most of us get weakest in the “gap” is in our creative lives.

Baring our artistic soul is so sensitive, and reminds us of every childhood and ancestral trauma.

It is so easy to find excuses to avoid making art or to avoid sharing it widely and consistently.

Most of our inner artists never even make it into the cocoon – into the “gap” – at all.

This is a tragedy, since it means most of us never get to experience the unparalleled sheer joy of creating art and having people see us as the artists we truly are.

Nothing feels the same as creating and sharing something beautiful that we are proud of.

I’ll repeat that.

Nothing feels the same as creating and sharing something beautiful that we are proud of.

No relationship and no amount of money will ever imitate this flavor of joy and fulfillment.

This is why I love to escort people through the “gap”, and especially through the “gap” of becoming an artist, a musician.

If you feel even the smallest whisper beckoning you onto this journey, we should talk. Message me or comment here. (I have space to guide one, maybe two more people tops).

It’s time for you to fly.