Tara Divina Isis Temple PhilaeOne of the main shifts I’m seeing in the music industry (and beyond) is that fans are flocking to people who have a strong core message and energy. This is a big change.

Before: Popularity was driven by things like radio hits, reviews, tv ads, and being associated with other famous artists.

Now: Popularity is driven by a feeling of belonging to something bigger (like Taylor Swift), joyful memes (like Tiktok dances and sea shanties), being part of / witnessing the creation process (like Bridgerton the Musical)

What these things all have in common is that the fans are participants – not just cheering observers.

People want to be included. To be part of something. The untouchable, perfectly preened superstar is no longer interesting.

Who you are and what you have to say — that’s what people want to follow.

The first step is to get clear on your core message. What do you stand for? How do you want to be known?

Next step is to start sharing yourself naturally. You’re not a preacher on the mount. You are your message, and by documenting your every day embodiment of it, you’ll magnetize your fans and followers (without compromising your creative integrity or exhausting yourself).

This is where the magic happens, and this is the work I do with my music coaching clients.

I would love to guide you too.