Sometimes I find myself running a bizarre story that no one really cares when I share about my music, even though there’s hard evidence to the contrary.

I recently came across dozens of screenshots I took of messages and comments from people sharing the impact my music has had on them. (I save them as encouraging reminders to keep going!).

Why does my mind create these crazy stories? Probably to generate great excuses for me to not have to continually, vulnerably share my art.

Honestly, sharing art and soul work can sometimes feel like serving my heart up on a platter and being terrified that people will stab it with a fork… Even though that’s never happened!

The only way I’ve been able to keep going is by finding the place in me that genuinely loves these creations so much that I would continue channeling them, even if no one else felt the same way.

And, I think therein lies the key to anything we are “putting out there.”

WE need to love our offerings more than we need others to love them.

The fears and doubts may still be present, but ultimately WE need to be in the place where nothing anyone could say or do could change how we feel about what comes through us.

I believe THIS is one of the underlying reasons most people can’t “find” their core message – the thing they are REALLY passionate and want to talk about in public, that is unlike anyone else – because it’s actually their truest essence, and finding it would mean they had to share their truth, for all to see, judge or worse yet… ignore.

That is terrifying and feels like the ultimate risk, so it’s easy to create cloudy confusion to avoid confronting the truth.

Ultimately, loving our core message, our art, our creativity, is the exact same thing as loving ourselves…. the real us…. not the one we think people will like.

When we fall in love with this unique core message- our essence – we actually magnetize others to us, even if our message isn’t universally “likeable” (the truest ones never are).

People are drawn to this Love, because Love is who all of us really are.

We just have different ways of expressing it.

Falling in love with ourselves is a lifelong journey that begins with the profound step of fully acknowledging who we are, specifically.

This is why I love this doorway to self love and creative expression: finding your unique core message, so that you can express who you are in an artful, concise statement that continually inspires you to want to share more.

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