Tara Divina drumWhen I look back on the accomplishments I’m most proud of in my life, I think of:

  • Writing, recording and releasing a healing music album (and two singles!) + the daily messages I receive about how the songs have helped people through the worst of times.

  • Facilitating one of my all time favorite pieces of art, Union by Android Jones, a commissioned painting for the wedding of two dear friends + the posts I often see from people who have said it’s their biggest inspiration for true love.

  • Putting together a never-been-done-before visionary music and art event at Burning Man that was attended by thousands of people (many of whom said it was the greatest party they’ve ever attended, and is still happening, 8 years later).

  • Providing co-production, artistic guidance and backing vocals to a dozen other musicians.

What did not make the list:

  • Becoming Vice President of Digital Sales & Marketing at one of the biggest indie record labels by age 26 and a major label by 28

  • Making Billboard’s Top 30 Under 30

  • Hitting 7-figures in a biz I co-founded from the ground up

  • Any other achievement that is not creative

Bottom line: I derive my biggest fulfillment from creating and facilitating art. Beauty is my #1 value, and what I care about most.

It’s what gets me out of bed every morning and has me take inspired action.

It’s taken me a long time to fully recognize this.

For years, I was recovering from my decade as a record label exec working in crazy, corrupt corporate America.

I wanted absolutely nothing to do with the music industry other than to make music.

I kept saying to everyone who asked, “I will NEVER work in the music industry again.”

No one ever believed me, and they were right.

But this work looks very different than it used to, and it’s on my terms.

Almost all of my current coaching clients are musicians and artists who either wanted to get their creations heard by more people, or make money as a creative, or both.

I’ve helped my clients get clear on what they actually want to create and put out into the world, hire the right support to make it even more beautiful, and make money in creative ways that feel fun, easy and/or exciting.

(No labels or managers required).

And I really love doing it.

So, right now I’ve got one spot available in my private coaching practice.

This is for a very specific person. Could it be you?

– You feel a deep calling to become a professional musician or artist — because you want to feel the rush of delicious, unmatchable fulfillment of creating, and having your creations be SEEN.

– You’re ready to begin this journey, but know you’ll be too overwhelmed or distracted to make it happen — unless you have a mentor to guide you on an emotional, creative and practical level.

– You’re at a place in your life where you can make this a priority. You’re excited to put in the time, be wildly courageous and stretch yourself in big, juicy ways!

(Many of my clients run other businesses or have full time jobs – if that’s your situation, this is perfect for you!)

If you’re feeling the call to claim your identity as an artist, let’s chat!