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I’m so glad we’re going to get to work together more in the coming months!

To recap, this is what you’re getting:

  • One 15-minute phone reading per month, which is enough time for one question or a couple of quick ones
  • One question answered via email per month. The response will be delivered in recorded audio or written format depending on the nature of the question, in most cases within 24 hours
  • One 30-minute session upgrade per year that you can use to extend a phone reading to 45 minutes when you need a deeper dive 
  • Access to an additional three 30-minute session upgrades for $54 each if we need more time (normally $108)

Additional info: You can cancel anytime and your subscription will end after the current month is complete. The annual session upgrade is available after you’ve participated for 12 months. Because of the deep discount, sessions are non transferable and don’t roll over to the next month. Available to returning clients only.

I’ll also email you a confirmation with instructions on how to schedule/redeem everything.

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