The day I learned how to truly sing was the day I discovered that I actually love experiencing my own voice.

Up until that point I had been trying to sing to look good, impress others, and achieve a level of expertise. I never truly enjoyed the process and no one really wanted to hear me sing.

Over time, as I learned how to feel more of my difficult feelings by removing all the numbing forces in and around me, I also started to feel more of the delicious ones.

This carried over to my singing and I began to genuinely love it for the first time.

As my orientation flipped, the process of singing transformed into a joyous, ecstatic, blissful, creative love-union with the Divine.

My voice turned into something completely different, with an entirely new quality.

Now, as I sing every note, I am tuned into the frequency of pleasure, even when it’s a note of sadness or grief, and the sound feels increasingly beautiful to me as I deepen into it.

The outer reflection of this shift is that people suddenly started asking me to sing for them. I gained the approval I was seeking, but I no longer needed it, because I was singing for myself.

In the rare instances where I’ve coached another singer, I always start by asking them where they feel the joy of the vibrations in their body, which part of the sound they love the most, and anywhere else they are noticing pleasure.

This is a game changer every time. The light in their eyes begins to shine brighter, their body softens and their voice begins to soar…

I also find this to be true for my writing and any use of my creative voice.

Artistic talent does come from practice, but it also comes from the joy of channelling Source into creative expression.

I can always tell the difference between art that is generated from pure love, and art that is designed to impress, and I’m only resonant with the former.

For me, this is the definition of Visionary Art, which continually melts my heart and feeds my soul.


Gorgeous Visionary Art by Amanda Sage