There are so many ways our culture demands that we prioritize beauty, and many ways that are deeply discouraged.


– Look perfect, young, stylish, thin
– Be groomed in specific ways (hair, nails, shaving etc)
– Have landscaping and lawns at our homes
– Drive a shiny, fancy car
– Pinterest-ready home interior design
– so much more…


– Pursue a career as a writer, painter, musician
– Make time to create every day (even if it takes away from domestic chores, hustling, giving time to others)
– Spend money making buildings beautiful when it won’t have any return on investment
– Expand school art and music programs instead of focusing solely on academic results
– So much more…

Of course this is all purely arbitrary and we get to decide what is most important to us.

But… we are swimming upstream against our collective conditioning, so it takes some extra power to break out of the norms and claim our right to make heart-opening Beauty our priority.

The seed of wisdom that lies in our cultural obsession with beauty is that it matters. A lot.

I would go so far as to say that it is what makes life worth living. We’ve just gotten a bit mixed up about where to find beauty’s deepest fulfillment.

Whenever I have allowed myself to make creativity and beauty my priority, I’ve found unparalleled joy.

I want this for everyone.

If Beauty is your North Star, your ultimate value, your path to blooming in the fullness of who you are is to courageously prioritize it.

And I want to walk beside you as you rediscover who you really are and why you are really here.

Reach out if you’re ready.