Musical Medicine – The 1-on-1 Custom Experience

We are at a major crossroads where we can no longer ignore the truth of what is happening within and around us.

yinyangThere is more violence, anger and confusion being expressed than most of us have experienced in our lifetime. This can be overwhelming and leave us feeling helpless and in despair.
At the same time, there is more beauty, wisdom and compassion being expressed than any of us have experienced in our lifetime. For the first time in history, we have widespread access to exactly what we need to transform ourselves.

This is no coincidence. Like Yin and Yang, these opposites are meant for each other, because when divine beauty meets deep pain, the result is profound healing.

Beauty matters now, more than ever…

musicwingsBeauty is powerful medicine because it instantly transforms pain. It opens our hearts, melts resistance, and reminds us who we really are: harmonious, aligned and connected beings.
Music has been popular as long as it has existed because it’s a perfect medium for beauty. Music, when created with right intention, can catalyze our healing, shift our reality and lift our spirits — even when we’re not giving it our full attention
It’s a fun and effortless way to shift the thought patterns that steer us in the wrong direction, because it penetrates us on multiple levels of consciousness and stays there. We’ve all had songs stuck in our heads!

It’s especially helpful because we tend to experience the most joy and freedom in our lives when we face what’s true for us, accept our present state, make a better prayer for our lives, anchor that intention so that we stay connected to it, and say yes to things that are aligned with our prayer (and no to everything else)!

dharmawheelThe problem is that we often can’t see our most challenging truths, because they’re so hard to face that we hide them from ourselves.
Sometimes we can’t see a better prayer because we get stuck in a story. And we can forget or lose faith in our prayer if we don’t have regular reminders and anchors to keep us from making decisions that are out of alignment with our sacred purpose.

destinyhandThis seems to be true for everyone, and even very successful, evolved and aware people often have unconscious patterns running our lives instead of free will.
This is how karma works, by hijacking our consciousness so that we make decisions according to fate. It’s one of the fundamental challenges of being human, especially when walking a spiritual path.

This lifetime is a rare opportunity for us to transform our karma and increase our ability to use free will, putting our soul on a trajectory where we are fulfilling our Dharma, i.e. our Sacred Purpose.

We are living our Sacred Purpose when we respond to each moment by following our highest guidance.

What is your highest guidance?
What is your biggest prayer?
What would you most like to heal?
How would you like to re-program your reality?

I want to help you answer these questions, to realize and fully actualize your Sacred Purpose and prayer, by uncovering the karmic patterns that are ripe for transformation and connecting you with the medicine that will help you burn them all away
It would be my honor to take you on an incredible journey to commune with your Soul and dive deep into the essence of who you are to uncover the exact prescription that you need most right now.
With this wisdom, I’ll create your personal Beauty Medicine: a high quality, professionally recorded and produced song that will mirror your beautiful brilliance back to you and call you into the best version of yourself. It will be your unique theme song.

This offering includes:

A full birth chart reading, using the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology, so you can:
  • Understand your karmic destiny and your path of Dharma
  • Uncover challenging patterns that may be subconsciously running you and costing you vital energy
  • Discover supportive patterns that are helping you and understand how and when you can take advantage of these currents of success
A complete, interactive diagnostic of your life to:
  • Identify where you are in and out of alignment with your Truth
  • Identify your biggest prayer and put it into words
  • Distill into a clear statement the essence of your Sacred Purpose
Your personal prescription:
  • A process to discover the flavor of music that speaks most directly to your heart
  • A custom written, professionally produced song, recorded and delivered to you in a high quality digital format (You can listen to my original music here for examples).
  • A set of recommendations for specific modalities, methods and mentors who can support you on your journey of prayer, healing and transformation
A follow up mentoring session 4-6 weeks later to:
  • Review and integrate our time together
  • Unveil your custom song
  • Discuss and plan the next steps of your journey
This package is offered via Skype & phone making it available to all, regardless of location!

I invite you to imagine what it would be like to have one of these songs dedicated to your personal evolution, or to the union of you and your Beloved – the one you’re with now, or the one you’d like to call in…

This medicine offering is perfect when you want to:
→ Take the next step on your spiritual journey by discovering and affirming your Sacred Purpose
→ Celebrate and commemorate the brilliant being that you are
→ Support your spirit (or a friend’s) through a difficult time or big transition

→ Create a sacred & unique gift for a wedding, birthday, or coming of age ceremony

The total investment for realigning with your Sacred Purpose through your heart-song and star-map is $2495 (payment plan available). 
Introductory offer: If you are one of the first 5 people to sign up, it’ll be $1995.
Does this call to you or sound perfect for someone you know? If you’re feeling a whisper of “yes” (or a loud cheer!), you can enter your details below to apply, and we’ll be in touch very soon:

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