Rainbow rosesOne of the most common conversations I have with my clients is whether they should focus on keeping up a business profile and a personal profile on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you’re wondering, the main question to ask yourself is this:

Are you the product/service? (For example, you would answer “Yes” if you’re a coach, consultant, author, artist or teacher).

If so, then your customers will be magnetized to you, your personality, your soul, and your self expression — not just your specific offering.

They want to feel like they know you, and a business profile feels like a barrier in between you and them.

Like, I won’t let you into my house, just the front yard…

(And of course there is the fact that a business profile will not get any organic reach these days anyway, so your posts won’t get seen!)

The thing is, most of us are afraid to open up our social media accounts to the public and to be fully seen. Especially by friends and family.

We believe that our honesty and truth will offend people or cause them to criticize us.

The truth is… it will. It will turn off the wrong people and make the right ones fall more deeply in love with you.

This is way better than watered down, mass appeal.

It can be hard at times to deal with the haters, but there’s always the “block” button!

In my opinion, until you are ready and able to fully share more of your truth publicly, you are seriously limiting your success.

This is the thing to focus on and heal if you feel like you don’t have a real following.

This doesn’t mean the world needs to hear everything in real time. You still get to be discerning about when it is the right time to share something tender.

But… it’s so important to realize that people will trust you more when they know you more. This trust will lead to more sales and excitement/support for your work!

On the flip side:

If you’re selling a physical product, it should have its own identity and therefore social media profiles.


Because you’re different than the product and people are purchasing something tangible that theoretically anyone could sell/deliver.

You could sell the business, outsource the manufacturing, and it would live on without you.

Your personality may still be a factor in sales, but it’s not the main one.

In this case I recommend sharing about your product on your personal profile, and letting people understand your process, while still having a clear brand identity elsewhere.