To all the healing music makers…

The visionary art creators…

And the ones who channel Beauty and Truth through their hands and onto the page.

The mainstream rules don’t apply to you.

You are not a solution to a problem or an image to uphold.

You are not a product or a service to be sold.

You are the arms of magic and and the breath of life giving inspiration.

You are who we turn to in moments of contraction.

You provide the lifting, opening and expansion.

The mainstream rules don’t apply to you.

And this is a good thing.

You have a message, a transmission to be heard.

It is deeply needed and we are waiting for your words.

Your path is unique and can’t be replicated.

You require tuning in for what’s true right now, and a novel approach.

Anything less will feel empty and out of alignment.

Anything less – or hiding your gifts – is a compromise of who you really are and what you are here to do.

I see your wings. I know you can fly.

Let’s fly together.