One of the ways to source creative inspiration in any moment, is to start by expressing what’s actually true for you right now.

Trying to inspire joy and feeling grief?

Not gonna happen.

Most of us would stare at a blank page trying to think of something joyful to say. Or give up, thinking we have nothing useful to offer.

Start by acknowledging the grief. See what comes out.

This is where the magic lives, not in trying to force joy.

Trying to show off success but feeling like a failure? Start there… Tell the truth.

People can feel us. We can feel when others are speaking from their deep heart. It’s all we want to experience. It’s what resonates.

We would rather connect around our authentic experience of where we really are right now than our pretty presentation of what we think we should be.

And it’s deeply healing to receive.

We get permission to be fully human when we witness others having a human experience.

And it’s not about being a victim or complaining or asking for sympathy, it’s about finding power in where we are right now.

Even just admitting the raw truth, without the story, is powerful.

That’s what is inspiring. To us and those that receive our expression.

The best part is that we always have this moment and we always have an experience of it. So we can never run out of source material.

What would you express if you were being completely honest right now?

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