Your unique core message is the seed from which your inspiring, vibrant, on-fire, highest self flowers into a fiercely flowing, content-generating fountain.

With it, your expression is unleashed and you become a magnet for those who resonate with you.

Without it, there’s trouble.

Symptoms of being unclear on your core message include:

Not knowing what to write or talk about in posts, articles, videos (or talking about dozens of different things)

  • Low engagement (no one liking, commenting or responding to anything)
  • Feeling blah about your offerings and/or marketing
  • Constantly changing your mind about what to focus on
  • Many offers, very few clients
  • Low referrals (because people can’t clearly identify who needs your medicine)

 So many people come to me asking for help with Facebook ads or setting up a funnel, when what they really need is to get clear on their unique core message, because their messaging is all over the place.

I can always tell by using this litmus test: “Do I know anyone I could refer to this person?”

If the answer is no, something is way off. If the messaging is clear and consistent, I should be able to name at least one person right away.

I love ads and I love funnels (yes, I’m a marketing nerd), but I deeply love the volcanic eruption of creativity that comes from unearthing a crystal-clear core message. It’s truly everything.

Because… it’s not just about marketing. It encapsulates our highest purpose – and helps it manifest in reality – by literally calling it in with a few concise words.

Our core message is a megaphone announcement from our Higher Self to the whole wide world.

It keeps us focused on what truly matters, and only attracts people who profoundly resonate with our mission.

It is an endless wellspring of creative inspiration that turns marketing into art.

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