Clenched stomach…

Fluttering heart…

Short breaths…

Self doubt…

 …Wanting validation to relax.

This is how I usually feel when I first share my writing, music, or programs.

Yeah, even though they’ve been incredibly well received in the past… It doesn’t matter.

This is just the way my nervous system is wired.

I’m working on it and… I don’t want to wait until some undefined moment in the future to share my creative work.

So I do it anyway (and it’s always worth it).

The joy of bringing beauty to someone’s life – of sharing a piece of me – of revealing my truth even more.

It’s like nothing else.

Yet, most of us feel afraid when we are truly baring our soul… Saying something unpopular, or going against the status quo.

When people criticize us, cancel us, call us out in a mean way, it’s traumatic.

It manifests as trauma in the body. Anxiety. Inaction.

If we don’t have the tools to recognize this and work with it, of course we will shut down or tone down our real voice.

And that’s such a shame. Because we all have a unique perspective and flavor to bring that absolutely no one else can bring.

And we can feel it when it’s not-quite-our-full-voice (others can too).

We tone down so people will like us, but no one feels us when we don’t truly feel ourselves and our bland words land on deaf ears.

When we really speak up we get a lot of attention. Positive and negative. It’s a lot to hold. So most of us usually don’t do it.

For me, the solution is a combination of doing my own healing work, and having a container to help me take small, consistent, guided steps forward, so that I’m not living a life limited by fear.

I learn more about my healing when I’m on the field taking action vs. thinking about the field.

I learn more by saying the controversial thing or putting out the song that might be awful or risking a publicly flopped biz launch.

Getting onto the field – this is one piece of what I cover in my free 5-day experience, Create & Flow.

Let’s take some life changing, awe inspiring steps forward together and create Beauty that makes us proud to be alive.

Let’s uncover our true voices and let them out…