Tara Divina guitarThere is so much pressure in the music industry to appear popular.

For example, promoters don’t want to feature artists unless they have a certain number of Spotify listeners and plays.

So what do new musicians and labels do?

They buy plays. They buy listeners. Followers. They buy adds to spam-tastic playlists. (Also applies to Instagram and the Coaching Industry )

And what do they end up with?

Nothing but a big bill and heaps of disappointment, because the promoters can see through these fake metrics anyway.

Popularity is hard to fake.

And it leaves us feeling empty, unseen and devalued (not to mention broke).

Building a real following takes courage, time, consistent effort (in the right places) and most importantly, authenticity.

But it’s completely worth doing, because real fans stay with you and tell their friends too.

Over the long term, your visibility grows exponentially. That’s when the magic starts to happen and sustainable income (even from music) is possible.

The world has changed, and yet many parts of the music industry still use stale old methods of manipulation instead of innovation and creativity.

There are so many other ways to develop a fanbase that are way more fun, fulfilling and can even be lucrative.

I love helping musicians and artists map out (and walk!) a consistent path toward visibility and confidence.

If you’re a musician and you’re ready to try something new, let’s chat about how I can help.