I spent many years in a creative desert, with endless reasons why I couldn’t be a “real” musician, writer, or clothing designer.

Instead I played it safe and stuck to the business side of these things.

One day, I realized I’d rather be dead than be so fundamentally bored.

Life felt… rote, empty and dry.

I tried to fill it with the usual things humans use to find happiness – trips, beautiful things, delicious food & drinks – but it didn’t work.

So I left it all behind, with no plan, and set out to find myself as an artist and a woman with a real purpose.

And now I’m a professional musician, paid regularly to sing, I’m designing a clothing line, I write for fun, make jewelry and am flowing with creative juice.

Whenever life throws hard things at me, creativity and art is my respite.

It is a wellspring of self love, self worth and confidence.

It took me a very long time to figure this out. Allow me to save you some time!

What I’ve learned is that:

You’ll find out what you’re meant to create “on-the-field,” not in your head.

You’ll discover who you are (and your true purpose) through the process of trying and refining, not while waiting for the perfect idea to drop in your lap.

So… if you’ve been stuck, bored or resisting your creativity, join my free 5-day creativity course to get inspired, get moving and rediscover yourself as an artist.

You will get…

⭐️ 5 days to reclaim your identity as an ARTIST

⭐️ 5 days to get clear on what you most want to create… and get started.

⭐️ 5 days to discover what stops you from completing your projects, and break through.

⭐️ 5 days to get into the wildly fulfilling flow of creating every day

Creating beauty is your birthright. It is the juice of life and an endless source of joy.

But don’t take my word for it. Come experience this for yourself…