This was my to-do list yesterday:

  • Make necklace
  • Learn a new song for healing circles
  • Review and submit changes for Let the Light In
  • Change cat litter (I debated leaving this off of here but let’s be real)
  • Make invite for new mastermind
  • Decide if I’m offering writing intensives this month

I thought I’d share my seemingly insane method for prioritizing tasks — for my 5 businesses + random creative projects — in case you find it helpful.

I started my day with an impromptu/emergency 30 min Vedic Astrology reading, then spent 10 minutes reviewing the latest version of a song I’ll be releasing soon, and another 10 minutes doing this same for a dear friend whose album I’m singing on.

Then I spent 30 seconds offering a past client early access to my mastermind. 

I opened Spotify and spent an hour searching for new music to learn for next weekend’s healing circle.

I chose a song, found the lyrics, and transposed the chords so they’re easier to play. Tomorrow, I’ll try singing it.

I contemplated making more mastermind invites but the necklace has been summoning me. 

I don’t even know what it’s supposed to look like, just that it involves some pink and champagne pearls I picked up in Maui earlier the year. 

I don’t need a necklace or to learn a new song. 

I do need income. And I DEFINITELY need to change the cat litter. 

Why am I letting myself do seemingly pointless creative stuff instead?

Because it’s the juice of life and it delights me. 

Because it gets my brain working in ways it wouldn’t otherwise.

Because I’m obsessed with designing things.

Because I’m magnetized to beautiful things.

Because I get bored when I’m not trying something new.

My strategy for making money is to feed my creativity.

In turn my creativity feeds my business(es).

It’s what allows me to make money.

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