When I tell people I have 5 businesses, they look at me like I’ve just told them that I have 5 arms.

I’m going against all conventional business wisdom, which says that we can only have 1 business — or else we’ll lose focus.

But I’ve discovered that it’s just as easy to lose or maintain focus on 1 business as it is 2, 3, 4 or even 5.

The issue isn’t the number of businesses we have. The issue is how inspired we are, how fun it is, and how creative we get.

The truth is I work less in a week on 5 businesses than most people do in one.

I’m able to do this because:

I know my core message and purpose and everything I do is aligned with that.

I’ve gotten really, really creative about how I monetize the things I love to do.

I’m really clear on what I don’t love doing and it gets outsourced so I have time to be in my zone of genius.

I have a weird talent for seeing how other people can do this too.

Give me someone who wants to make money doing what they love, and I will give them 5+ ways to do it right now, most likely ones they’ve never thought of.

Give me someone who has no time and I will help them create a lot more of it.

Give me someone who keeps having unsuccessful launches and I will pinpoint where they are being bland/boring/blending in with everyone else by neglecting their own creativity, and how they can have a multiple 5-figure launch.

The solution to growing sales is always to bring your creativity and juice back into your marketing and offers.

Creativity is how you make more money.

Having more fun with your work is how you make more money.

Turning your work into art is how you make more money.

(And in turn, how you help more people – money is a symptom of that!)

Not working harder, spending more time on social media, or learning more skills.

Want your marketing to start working all of the sudden? Harness the power of your creativity.

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