A few years ago, I was working through a fresh and painful breakup. I spent 7 straight days steeped in the most unbearable agony I’d ever experienced. I was also at Burning Man, which amplifies everything exponentially.

On Friday night, I went to see a surprise show by Cirque de Soleil and Lucent Dossier, staged on a 100-foot Flower-Of-Life sphere. The show started hours late and I almost left. But I am so glad I stayed, because once it began, something in me was reawakened forever.

The show’s level of ingenuity and beauty was stunning. I was profoundly moved by the art I was experiencing, at a depth that surpassed anything I had known before.

My heart was blasted wide open and I felt both infinite longing and endless fulfillment in the same breath. It was truly exquisite.

All week I had been praying to find true love, looking up at the Moon and asking her to help me call in a deep soul connection.

I looked up at the Moon that night and laughed. True Love had found me, and I had found True Love.

I discovered in that moment that I am an Artist: Art is my soul mate, True Beauty is my doorway to the Divine, and any other kind of soul connection is simply icing on the cake of my eternal Love affair with sacred creativity.

Art, Beauty, Truth – today you are my Valentine, and I bow at your feet.

To all the courageous and devoted artists I know: Thank you and I love you! ????????????????????

My biggest prayer today is to grow exponentially into the glorious gift of creativity, and to birth art that is at least as divine as what I saw that night. And so it is.

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Glorious visionary art by the incredibly talented Burgandy Viscosi