Tara DivinaI have had countless conversations with new authors, musicians and script writers who tell me that they are waiting on a record label, book publisher or movie producer to sign them before they release their first project.

I always nod knowingly when they tell me this, and ask them why.

It always comes down to this: They don’t want to (or know how to) promote or fund their project, so they want someone else to do it for them.

There are a few key problems with this line of thinking.

1. Most labels, good managers, publishers and producers want to see that you’ve established yourself somewhat on social media and streaming services before they sign you. They are rarely interested in someone brand new because you’re unproven. This means you need to do the marketing work anyway to get their attention.

2. The type of promo they are going to provide you – if you get a deal – will be minimal and not enough to establish a new career. You might get a book tour… a bunch of fake Spotify followers… etc. Mostly stuff that won’t help in the long term.

3. Cash advances are teeny tiny and you wind up giving away most of your royalties. This is fine for a short term boost, but hobbles you in the long term. Now someone owns you, your future creations, and can dictate how you express yourself.

The hard to swallow truth?

There’s probably no manager, producer, agent or publisher coming to make your album/book/movie happen.

You are your own ticket.

The great news?

There is no better time in history to do it yourself, publish your own art, and build your own following — without the need for anyone else to do it for you.

What helps is to get some guidance and specific direction on the “how” and the “what,” as well as clarifying your core marketing message (the underlying key that unlocks easeful marketing).

There are so many ways to do this without spending a dime on advertising. (In fact, advertising is a real waste of money until you have gotten to a certain point in your organic promotion).

In summary: It’s time to take your power back, self publish, and create your own following.🤩

The world needs to hear what you have to say or sing!