Being an entrepreneur brings up all of our self worth, confidence and commitment issues… over and over again.

There’s no way to avoid it – running our own business is one of the most powerful medicine paths we can choose.

It’s important to remember this at all times, to avoid destructive magical thinking that kills us on both ends of the spectrum:

… The voice that tells us we should immediately succeed without doing the deep work, and that we’ve failed when we don’t get the same results as the seasoned pros.

… The voice that tells us we have evidence that we’ll never reach our goals, and we should just give up and return to a 9-5.

My favorite remedy to this common trap is to strategically start feeling successful now.

Begin by picking goals you can’t possibly fail at.

Want to fill an entire program?

—> Set a goal to get one lead today.

Trying to set up a funnel so full of complex moving parts that it would make Einstein sweat?

—> Set a goal to write your headline in an hour.

Then celebrate your successes shamelessly and with zero discernment.

Someone clicked your ad and didn’t sign up to speak with you? You got engagement!

Stared blankly at your screen and wrote 10 headlines you don’t like? You just eliminated 10 options!

By relishing the small wins, we slowly but surely cultivate the grounded confidence we need to take the next step.

Our expectations of success grow with each small victory.

There’s a great saying that humans tend to overestimate what we can achieve in a few months and underestimate what we can achieve in a year.

Baby step by baby step, we can wake up a year from now and be astounded by our achievements.