Step 1: Clear everything that is in the way of finding your purpose. Purpose is often buried under layers of crud. You’ll be amazed at the not-so-obvious things that can block your clarity and keep you foggy and funky.

Step 2: Transmute “negative” energy into fuel to uncover your mission. Often times our biggest judgments and pettiness can be the KEYS to what we are truly here for. You just need to know what to look for.

Step 3: Apply your genius magic to yourself. I like to call this “burning in the fire of your own medicine,” because we inevitably need to take a big dose of what we are here to offer – in order to be able to give It to others.

Step 4: Reconnect with your passion and spark and rediscover what you really, really love doing. This might sound impossible if it’s been gone for a long time, but I have some special tricks up my sleeve for getting right to the heart of it.

Step 5: Learn new ways to connect with your truth, and take one step at a time that is aligned your purpose. I’m always amazed by how few of us can clearly identify our deepest truth and/or be okay operating with only having the next step shown to us vs. the whole path. But, it’s the only way to truly be living in our purpose.

Step 6: Articulate and embody your core message. I love this part so much! We can boil our essence down to one concise sentence and then align to it in order to have a lifetime of clarity around our purpose.

I’ve found this process to work so well for my clients and it’s the one I use to spiral higher and higher in my own purpose too.

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