1. It is entirely possible to make a living as a musician or artist, but it requires consistent, long term action and an openness to have it look different than you thought.

2. If people know what you stand for, and what you care most about, they will become real fans. This is just as much of a factor as the actual art you create.

3. The more you express your true self, as in the stuff you think people will reject, the more life long fans you will have. Your unique soul and personality is what has you stand out from the zillions of other artists.

4. It is not necessary to pay for exposure. You can achieve better results doing organic things yourself, and they’ll last because they’re real.

5. It’s essential to have a direct connection to your fans, one that no other platform can take away (e.g. have an email list, not just a Facebook page).

6. Being an early adopter of new platforms can bring big opportunities to generate income.

7. You don’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel creating social media content. You can document and share what you’re already doing, which is what people want to see anyway.

8. You don’t have to follow any industry norms. In fact some of the most successful artists boldly did things their own way.

9. Most musicians will not benefit from having a record deal. The label is unlikely to do much to build your career long term. You have to do it yourself.

10. It is much better to have 1000 devoted fans than 100000 people who like one of your songs. This is where to focus, especially early on.

The world is saturated with aspiring artists, but it is absolutely possible to find your audience, connect with your fans and make a living using your artistic skills.

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