The Creative Business Mastermind

January-July 2023

You’re a flippin’ genius at what you do. Your healing medicine is pure magic.

But because your work is sacred, it can be hard to put it into words, package it up as a group program, or give it a healthy price tag.

You wonder how you can serve your people AND you be paid well — while staying in alignment with your values.

You know you’re hot stuff. You rock your clients’ worlds in your 1 on 1 sessions. But for some reason, you’ve never fully… put yourself out there.

…Your rates are too low.

…You offer a lot of one-off sessions and courses.

…You haven’t created a group program that generates a lot of recurring revenue.

…You haven’t started that podcast, launched that video channel, recorded that album, written that book, designed that artwork or given that talk.

…And you have no idea how you’d position it. Who would you be talking to and what would you say? How would you bring it all together under one brand?

You’re a bit bored. A bit beat up from all the things life has thrown at you. A bit jaded by the industry and the saturation of all the people offering similar things.

And you’re officially tired of spending your days staring at a computer screen.

You want to keep going, and you know there must be a better way – but what is it?


I bring you… the Creative Business Mastermind.

This is THE place for healers and medicine people to scale their business to predictable 10k, 20k months and beyond… all while staying in full integrity with their values, being super creative and having so much fun.

A place where you can learn to do things your way, with the guidance of someone who has painstakingly gone through the process and harvested sooo many gems to share… me!

It can be so much easier than you’ve known and so much better than you could ever imagine.

That’s why this is my most in demand program! I offer it twice a year, and the January cohort is already filling up.

The solution to growing sales is to bring your creativity and juice back into your marketing and offers. Here’s what you need…

⭐️ A form of creative expression that excites you and attracts aligned clients into your world, so you can make sales by doing what you love.

⭐️ To have more fun with your work by delegating the pieces that aren’t enjoyable and focusing on what lights you up.

⭐️ A successful strategy you can repeat: Offers you’re proud of, that feel like works of art, that you’re excited to sell again and again, without having to work 24/7.

…Not working harder, spending more time on social media, or learning more skills.

Want your marketing to start working all of the sudden? Harness the power of your creativity.

This is the work that has allowed me to generate over $3,000,000 in sales and have consistent multiple 5-figure cash months.

This is the work that’s made my life feel like an embarrassment of riches, with payments flowing in every day from sources I’m proud of.

This is the work that’s helped my clients make their first online sale, their first 5-figure month, triple their income, sell out multiple programs in a row to hundreds of people, hire a team, write a book, record an album and so much more. 

Erika’s Results

Erika Wright, Codependency + Spiritual Counselor

July 2022 Mastermind Client

“OMG! Just sold a $15k package!” – Creative Business Mastermind participant celebration

“On our first call, I set a minimum financial goal at $22,000 per month, and I managed to EXCEED that goal by $3500… And, I did that even with a little family vacation! It’s wild to actually SEE it. But, I brought in $25,500 last month!” – Creative Business Mastermind participant celebration

I present to you: The Creative Business Mastermind.

The place where you can:

Use creativity to make your business into a work of art that you’re wildly proud of AND

Hit income goals like consistent $10k months & multiple five figure months while you do it

Be inspired and supported by a small, intimate group of high flyers with potent medicine to share

This program is a container to hold you while you expand and grow your nervous system to handle being more visible, more creative, more of YOU.

This will happen via…

⭐️ Weekly calls where you will get personal coaching every single time to help you identify next steps, blast through any blocks and stay in your creative genius (3 calls/month)

    *Due to popular demand, we’re opening up a second pod!
Group call times will be Tuesdays at 11am PT, or Wednesdays at 11am PT, pod assignments TBA

⭐️ Daily access to my brain in the Facebook Group Monday-Friday to keep you supported and moving forward

⭐️ My eyes and edits on your sales and marketing copy, offers and launches, so that you’ll always know what to say and how to word it, what to offer and how to price it

⭐️ Access to the content of any live programs I run during the 6 months (and past programs) so you can do a deep dive into any area that calls you

⭐️ Other fun bonuses TBD

You truly can integrate your full self expression into your business and marketing.

You can have multiple, successful offerings that are connected by your core message.

And you absolutely can get paid for your creativity.

Here are your investment options:

1. Payment plan: $1555 per month for 6 months

2. Pay up front: $9000

“Just got another fully paid sign up for the mentorship!” I am so grateful to be working with you and that you’ve supported me in making this happen. Feels really important for my growth!
Hanna Leigh

Musician, Coach, Mentor, Doula, Awaken Your Song

Athena’s Results

Athena, Medicine Woman, Ceremonial Guide, Soul Coach

July 2022 Mastermind Client

“I have to brag in the last 30 days, I’ve brought in $18,000!” It’s so nice to be back at this point where my bank account is reflecting a much higher number where I feel like I can breathe now. There’s a reason why I signed up to be part of a group mastermind: group energy turns me on. I needed something to come along and activate me, and I have this group to thank for igniting my core message. The shares just turned me on, and then I started writing about it and I couldn’t stop writing about it.
Melissa Simonson

Self-Love & Relationship Coach

“I just woke up this morning to see that someone bought my mastermind 🤯” – Creative Business Mastermind Participant Celebration

Jeff’s Results

Jeff Wright, Counselor

July 2022 Mastermind Client

About Tara Divina

Tara Divina draws on her experience as a Vice President at the Warner Music Group, professional musician, clothing designer, and successful entrepreneur, to offer business & creative coaching for writers, musicians and artists.  She empowers them to prioritize their creative projects, build an organic fan base using authentic self expression, and generate a sustainable income using all of their gifts. She is also tapped into karmic patterns, purpose and destiny through the lens of Vedic Astrology, and combines her gift of seeing the unseen with practical know how to help creatives get clear on their purpose and core message.

When I tell people I have 4 businesses, they look at me like I’ve just told them that I have 5 arms. 

I’m going against all conventional business wisdom, which says that we can only have 1 business — or else we’ll lose focus.

But I’ve discovered that it’s just as easy to lose or maintain focus on 1 business as it is 2, 3, 4 or even 5.

The issue isn’t the number of businesses we have.

The issue is how inspired we are, how fun it is, and how creative we get.

The truth is I work less in a week on 4 businesses than most people do in one. I work 3-4 days a week, tops.

I’m able to do this because:

1) I know my core message and purpose and everything I do is aligned with that.

2) I’ve gotten really, really creative about how I monetize the things I love to do.

3) I’m really clear on what I don’t love doing and it gets outsourced so I have time to be in my zone of genius.

I have a weird talent for seeing how other people can do this too.

⭐️ Give me someone who wants to make money doing what they love, and I will give them 5+ ways to do it right now, most likely ones they’ve never thought of.

⭐️ Give me someone who has no time and I will help them create a lot more of it.

⭐️ Give me someone who keeps having unsuccessful launches and I will pinpoint where they are being bland/boring/blending in with everyone else by neglecting their own creativity, and how they can have a multiple 5-figure launch.

So I’m wondering…

…Are you doing what you are truly meant to do and getting paid well for it?

…Does your work bring you profound joy almost all of the time?

…When you die, will you look back on your life with pride, knowing you were well used?

If the answer is no, this is the crucial moment in time to take a closer look.

The world needs your magic right now more than it needs you to phone-it-in and make money just to survive.

And I can help you get clear on your truth about what you’re really here for.

Curious? Called? It’s time.

“The spark of inspiration I received early on in mastermind was just what I needed to bring in new life & money into my business at this crucial time” – Creative Business Mastermind Participant Celebration

Melissa’s Results

Melissa, Self-Love & Relationship Coach

January 2022 Mastermind Client

“New client just signed the contract and paid first installment for 3-month 1:1 coaching!!! 😍” – Creative Business Mastermind Participant celebration

“I celebrate that I have written my own solo-show, moved through a mountain of resistance/fear and I have written & am directing a show that I’m deeply proud of” – Creative Business Mastermind Participant celebration

Shanti’s Results

Shanti Ma, Acupuncturist & Herbalist

January + July 2022 Mastermind Client

If you’ve been on the fence about whether the Creative Business Mastermind is right for you, here’s how I usually decide whether to invest in myself and my business:

1. Do I feel resonance?
If I’m feeling increasingly curious about and drawn to someone’s program, I ask myself why. Sometimes I’m dazzled by their results, and sometimes I just want to get to know them better — but the magic happens when I feel an inner clarity that “this person has the medicine I need right now,” even when I’m not sure what that is.

2. Does the investment level make sense for the result I’m wanting?
If I make $3k/month but I want to make $20k/month, paying $2k/month is a no brainer. But if I only want to make $5k/month, it doesn’t make sense. I avoid making financial decisions from wherever I’m at today, because they won’t get me where I want to go tomorrow, or be the right match for where I’m headed. Instead, I look forward to where I imagine I’ll be in 6 months if I apply myself and get the right support.

3. Am I ready to be coached?
There have been moments in my life where I was simply too resistant to change to really be coachable, or I didn’t want the result deeply enough to be willing to get uncomfortable (and therefore experience any transformation). Every time I’ve honored my intuition, signed up for a program, and been truly ready to receive the medicine, it’s worked. The question to ask is: Am I willing to have a sustainable business I love, and experience new levels of financial security?

If the answers are yes, I either sign myself up right then, or schedule a call to ask any remaining questions (usually just an excuse to receive some reassurance that I haven’t lost my mind 😉).