Come back, Queen

A masterclass on reclaiming your purpose after falling off your throne

Once upon a time, you were confident, glossy, and SO sure of yourself. 

⭐️ You bragged shamelessly, flaunted your assets, and broadcasted your offerings to the world.

⭐️ Maybe you even did the fancy photoshoots with designer gowns, the videos with pretty velvet furniture, backdrops, and fluffy things, the luxurious branding…and it WORKED.

⭐️ People came and bought what you were selling. You made money.

⭐️ You were hot stuff, and you knew it.

…but then life happened. 

The breakup, the divorce, the death, the baby, the lost pregnancy, the chronic illness, the bankruptcy, the pandemic…oh the injustice of it all! Oh the DISILLUSIONMENT!

The pretty, polished picture you were painstakingly tending transformed into a blood-drenched canvas of painful, unwanted experiences.

You crumbled. You collapsed. You were absorbed into the ashes.

But…as you burned in the fires of grief, you were transformed.

⭐️ You matured.

⭐️ You grew wiser.

⭐️ You developed compassion.

⭐️ You gained the deepest level of empathy.

⭐️ You were humbled to the core.

And as you finally came up for air, gasping for a fresh breath of inspiration once again, you wondered…

What now?

…What am I here for? What will truly fulfil me?

…Who needs my medicine and who do I want to work with?

…How do I help them when I feel so broken-open?

…Who am I, without the shiny veneer of put-togetherness?

And how do I know I won’t just fall back down again as soon as I try to get up?

Well, I’ve got a few things to say about this. 

I’ve been knocked down more times than I can count. My entire life literally burned down in an actual fire!

And over and over again, I came right back…more powerful (and more helpful!) than ever before.

I turned my painful experiences into profitable offerings without being tacky, opportunistic, or forced.

“Every word you’re saying is exactly, precisely what I need to hear and where I’m at… that was GOLD”

Come back, Queen Masterclass Participant

This is the art of coming back, Queen.

If I can get back on my throne after the most un-regal events, I know you can too. 

And I want to show you the witchy and practical steps I take to transmute and transform all of it into fuel for my success. 

⭐️ How I recenter myself and create business offerings that are aligned with my purpose.

⭐️ How I keep building my empire in the face of anything life throws at me. 

⭐️ How I artfully share my experiences to earn people’s trust and help them know I’m the mentor for them. 

We’re all Comeback Queens…over and over, forever and ever, as long as life goes on. 

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I’m so excited to have you join! Please check in with yourself and make sure you’re a full yes, since this investment is non refundable.

“This is super awesome and it’s very meaningful for me to hear you and get to see your work. I love the advice that that you’ve been sharing with us, and I definitely have a lot to walk away with and work on from the seven keys that you touched on”

Come back, Queen Masterclass Participant

Do you ever find yourself doubting your purpose & business – especially after life dishes out some big, disruptive medicine?

Secretly having thoughts like:

⭐️ How could I possibly still be qualified to help others with this when I’ve been so deeply humbled by it?

⭐️ How do I share my offerings when I don’t feel as confident, polished or glossy as I used to?

⭐️ How do I continue selling this if I feel like I’m only doing it for the money and I’m not that excited about it anymore?

⭐️ What happens if what I *really* want to do with my life seems way too big, far off and maybe even impossible.
If you’ve had any of these ideas running through your mind, I’ve got you.

There is some profound MAGIC that comes out of letting yourself follow these dangerous threads.

Satisfying answers are closer than you think.

I invite you to join me for Come Back, Queen, where I’ll share how I’ve met these doubts and returned to my throne of power, time and time again (and you can too).

I’m so excited to have you join! Please check in with yourself and make sure you’re a full yes, since this investment is non refundable.

“This is hitting me deeply. Thank you so much!”

Come back, Queen Masterclass Participant

About Tara Divina

Tara Divina draws on her experience as a Vice President at the Warner Music Group, professional musician, clothing designer, and successful entrepreneur, to offer business & creative coaching for writers, musicians and artists. 

She empowers them to prioritize their creative projects, build an organic fan base using authentic self expression, and generate a sustainable income using all of their gifts.

She is also tapped into karmic patterns, purpose and destiny through the lens of Vedic Astrology, and combines her gift of seeing the unseen with practical know how to help creatives get clear on their purpose and core message.