Write To Sell Your Magic

Clear writing can make your dreams a reality.

One well written email or post can generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales, a guest spot on a popular podcast, an article in a major publication, and so much more.

These are some of the things my writing skills have given me…

✨ The ability to create an e-mail in 30 mins, send it out, and generate $5,000-$25,000 in sales that week

✨ A fully crowdfunded first album, in only 10 days ($7500 from a couple Facebook posts)

✨ Multiple sold out courses with only 3 Facebook posts

✨ A lucrative executive position at a multinational company with the highest salary I ever earned (they were going to pass on me until I followed up with a strategic letter)

✨ 50,000 email subscribers, thousands of post shares and new followers

✨ Over $2 million in sales

✨ Plus, people regularly approach me to tell me that my posts are some of the only ones they read on Facebook.

In a world where social media is saturated with mind numbing junk, that’s an honor, and something I want for all of us.

What do you imagine creating with powerful words?

… A full client roster?
… A sold out launch?
… An alliance with someone you’ve only dreamed of teaming up with?
… A cover story?
… Fundraising for your passion project?

Anything is possible. I really don’t know why anyone would wait another day to master this skill!

And that’s why I’m so excited to teach it to you in this round of Write To Sell Your Magic.

“Hands down one of the best investments I made!”

Tara is a muse. I’m not sure how she did it, but while in her presence my words flowed with clarity, passion and focus. Hands down, one of the best people I sat with when starting out my business.

Leah Lamb

Dreamer Weaver, Soul Stories

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to sail past the mind’s wiring and speak directly to people’s hearts – this is what creates viral content (my favorite ninja writing skills come on Day 1 so you have ample time to practice and get feedback!) 
  • How to inspire people to take new, aligned actions
  • How to build genuine trust so that your dream clients and collaborators want to work with you  
  • How to gracefully evoke someone’s “yes” to investing time and energy with you (apply this everywhere)
  • Where to source inspiration, especially when you are NOT inspired. 
  • HOW, WHEN, and WHAT to write about, based on your unique truth
  • How to navigate the wild thoughts and feelings that come up when you communicate clearly from the heart (trust me, we need to talk about this). 

You will receive this via…

⭐️ 7 crystal clear video lessons and assignments so you can learn the underlying concepts that will upgrade your writing and quickly sharpen your pen. ($1500 value)

⭐️ 1 live group Q&A with me. Ask me anything! ($250 value)

⭐️ My eyes on your copywriting during the course – get hands-on feedback and edits that only my 1-on-1 clients have access to currently ($500 value)

⭐️ FB group to mastermind with your peers and get your questions answered by me Monday-Friday ($500 value)

⭐️ Lifetime access to the content, which will be recorded. (Priceless!)

Bonus: Join by July 12 and you’ll also get a hotseat on an extra group call where I’ll give feedback and live edits on your post/pitch/offer — LIVE and on video, so you can see how I do it. (Worth $500!)

This course will unlock your ability to sell and influence with writing… for life.

We start on July 14. To save your spot, sign up below, and let’s fly!

This program is easily worth over $3,250 but you can get this million dollar skill for a lot less than that. Here are your investment options:

1. Save $111 when you pay up front: $999 


2. Choose the easy payment plan: $222 per month for 5 months 

I’m so excited to have you join us! Please check in with yourself and make sure you’re a full yes, since this investment is non refundable. 

“I have enough copy gold for an entire year out of just one session.”

I had a profound core message session with you, and I have copy gold enough for an entire year out of just one session. Looking forward to working with you more!

Michelle Berry

Executive Coach, P Corp

About Your Guide, Tara Divina

Tara Divina draws on her experience as a Vice President at the Warner Music Group, professional musician, clothing designer, and successful entrepreneur, to offer business & creative coaching for writers, musicians and artists. 

She empowers them to prioritize their creative projects, build an organic fan base using authentic self expression, and generate a sustainable income using all of their gifts.

She is also tapped into karmic patterns, purpose and destiny through the lens of Vedic Astrology, and combines her gift of seeing the unseen with practical know how to help creatives get clear on their purpose and core message.

“Just got another fully paid sign up for the mentorship!”

I am so grateful to be working with you and that you’ve supported me in making this happen. Feels really important for my growth!

Hanna Leigh

Musician, Coach, Mentor, Doula, Awaken Your Voice

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m really busy while the course is running live. Is it still worth doing if I’ll be catching up later?

Yes, absolutely! These skills will elevate your writing for life. Whenever you need to write something, you can use this process. You can come back to the course anytime you need it. 

The social media algorithm hides all of my content so what’s the point of trying?

I cover this In the training. There are plenty of hacks to get your content seen!

What if I’m not feeling creative or I have writer’s block?

Great question. This is part of what we’re going to work on in the course – you’ll know exactly what to do if this comes up.

What if I don’t have a big audience to share my writing with?

This is going to help you grow your audience and engage those who are already in it. You’re in the right place!

Ready to jump in?

I’m so excited to have you join us! Please check in with yourself and make sure you’re a full yes, since this investment is non refundable.