The other say I saw a post that was promoting a paid mastermind for women to “effortlessly make money as an entrepreneur” (or more likely, a mastermind leader for *other* female entrepreneurs…)

I paused for a moment. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could do whatever I wanted all the time, and have unlimited income?

This is a seductive and universally appealing vision. There are actually a few people out there who have apparently achieved this, which makes it seem even more desirable. (And they are probably inviting you into a very expensive mastermind so you can have the same results!)

But, upon further reflection, I realized that I didn’t want that at all. Here’s why.

Effort creates value. Creating anything of value requires that we apply consistent effort over time. This is simply how reality works.

When was the last time you created something of great value to others with minimal effort? (Don’t forget to count all the years you spent honing your craft or building your network).

But what about the people who seem to have money pouring down on them like a monsoon — while they go to the spa?

In those cases, one of these things is true:

A) This person does a ton of diligent work they haven’t told you about, yet posted a spa photo on social media accompanied by a quote about the ease of abundance.

B ) This person put the effort in during past lives and is now reaping the rewards.

Either way, we wind up comparing ourselves to these people without having all the data on how they created their abundance.

This matters, because life is truly about putting in the effort to alleviate the suffering of others, and giving more than we take. This is a key on the path to freedom.

When we receive the fruits of past life efforts, what we do with those rewards defines whether we are following our Dharma or just wasting good karma.

Despite what much of the internet marketing and feminine empowerment teachings tell us, life is not, in fact, about conspicuous consumption or the endless pursuit of pleasure (for its own sake).

Leading a coaching mastermind to coach other coaches to coach coaches and telling others that they should just believe they can have it too by posting to Instagram, and that their dream of constant, pleasurable indulgence will come easily, while everyone sips champagne on a boat in Italy — that’s simply not a value add.

All this does is drain the karmic bank account of hard-won, supportive energy. It’s a waste, because that energy could be used to help others who are truly suffering, which is how the coffers seem to get refilled.

Imagine that, in 1000 past lives, someone did diligent and grueling daily practices to increase their Shakti and their capacity to affect the world, and then in 2018, used it all up to blog about being rich.

This is what’s likely happening for certain people right now

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if we are Donald Trump or Mother Theresa – life is infinite, and will sort itself out.

But here we are, playing the game of life here in space and time – so how do we really want to do it?

If we want a fulfilled life where we feel in integrity with ourselves as humans, then easy is not the goal. Money is not the goal.

Value, service, contribution, beauty, truth, freedom, evolution – these are the kind of goals that are worth living for.

True pleasure, happiness, abundance and enjoyment are side effects of these things.

I’ve spent the last 18 months co-building a business and it’s been anything but easy. Exhilerating, fascinating, deeply fulfilling and extremely challenging – yes, but easy, no – and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I’ve grown and learned through the challenges and struggles it has brought me. I’ve created value though my effort. I’m a part of something that truly helps people.

The process of birthing, whether enjoyable or painful, is a challenge because it’s meant to transform who we are at the core into a mother.

There is a reason why it allegedly takes 10,000 hours of applied effort to become an expert in anything.

Anyone can hang a shingle online declaring they are an expert at something, but… are they really?

Who do we really want to learn from?

So the next time someone tries to seductively sell you on the dream of “something for nothing,” I recommend walking away, because this person fundamentally misunderstands reality.

There is no such thing. We are always either giving or consuming, with every breath we take (not even our breath is free!)

Choose wisely!

~ Artwork by Paul Bond Art ~