I cringe whenever I hear someone say “it’s all love and light” in response to, well, pretty much anything. This is especially true if it’s in response to someone’s suffering.

This concept, like many others, has been twisted and adulterated by people who haven’t taken the time to understand its true meaning (see also: Mercury Retrograde, the Facebook Algorithm, a lot of Westernized Yoga).

However, underneath this hippie drivel is a profound truth that is worth exploring.

Love and light are, in fact, the key. It’s just not as easy as it sounds.

Our healing and evolution happen when we expand our capacity to receive more energy, more light and more love. Darkness can’t survive the light.

It might seem like we are curing ailments and fixing things that are broken, but at the end of the day, any true path is increasing the flow of pure energy through our entire system.

This sounds enjoyable in theory, but is an incredibly uncomfortable experience.

Love is anything but comfortable.

We experience breakthroughs to the extent that we can withstand the excruciating agony of being loved and lit up more than we’ve known before.

When we hit the edge of how much we can take, and lean into it, we grow.

Sometimes we encounter the discomfort and turn back, because the love seems unbearable.

For example, being seen and loved by a partner – more than we ever were growing up – can trigger subconscious panic, and patterns of self sabotage, and some may even pick a fight, stray, or leave.

It is much easier to continue feeling unloved than it is to be fully loved.

Or when we encounter new levels of success in our career, it can be so unfamiliar that we may unconsciously hold ourselves back and return to our former level of comfort. It’s easier to perpetuate failure than to truly accept a win.

Perhaps we’ve gotten so identified with being sick that being well doesn’t resonate with us anymore. It is very easy to get to this place, and no cure can touch us in this state.

We have to get used to the experience of the love and the light in order to move forward.

It’s simple but it’s not easy.

The best healing modalities are the ones that serve us in this way. They push us to the limits of how good it can get (though it may not occur as good in the moment!), and then hold us through the process of rewiring our systems to normalize this new level of wellness and joy.

Anything else should be closely examined as it is potentially just holding us back.

Telling someone to “let in more love and light” or just see that “we are all One” is completely ridiculous, however.

It takes a heroic amount of courage, strength, and the right support to grow in this way.

It usually begins with Love pushing us off a cliff to take a deep dive into the darkness so we can arrive at a place where we perceive expansion.

This is not for the faint of heart…

But it is so worth it.

(Visionary art by: Manzel Bowman)