saturnToday (November 2, 2014) is a very big day in Vedic Astrology…

Saturn moved into Scorpio today. After a 2.5 year reign in Libra, Saturn will bring new changes to us all for the next 2.5 years.

Many of us will be breathing a huge sigh of relief as seemingly endless challenges are finally resolved!

And we may also be surprised by big shifts that we weren’t expecting.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is known as the King of Dharma and he represents reality, as in impermanence. Wherever he goes you can bet your life there will be significant transitions.

Ultimately these shifts are in service of clearing away what is no longer meant for us so that new blossoms can flower, but they are very often our biggest challenges until we learn to “roll” with them.

Our maturing relationship to these challenges / changes / reality is our truest evolution. Our capacity to flow and bend with whatever Saturn brings is the very core of our spiritual growth.

I find myself infinitely grateful for the lens of Vedic Astrology because it helps us understand what’s happening in our lives as we track the movements of Saturn, among other things. This allows us to see changes for what they truly are so that we can make the best of them instead of experiencing the profound pain of resistance.

Today I celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of another (for the next 2.5 years). May we all surrender with complete grace and ease to whatever Saturn brings and transform what’s misaligned into that which is Divinely Aligned!