saturnAre you feeling the intense planetary energy this week? I definitely am. Not only is there a Solar eclipse tomorrow, kicking off a “things are not what they seem” 2-week window between now and April 4th’s Lunar eclipse, but Saturn turned around and went Retrograde on March 14, slowing down to a screeching halt in the process. What does this mean for you?

The changes that started unfolding with Saturn’s movement into Scorpio could pause and head in a different direction than you expected, and you may find yourself revisiting themes from the past over the next few months, going back to cover them one more time.

Was there something you were meant to let go of when Saturn changed signs? You’ll have ample opportunities to do it now (or you might find you have no choice if you’re hanging on for dear life…) Were you counting on something in particular moving forward? Plan on looking deep within for new answers on how to proceed.

Want to know what area of your life this affects? It depends on what house Scorpio is occupying in your birth chart.

For example, Taurus Ascendants may be having an interesting time with relationships, Leos could be dealing with housing, Scorpios with their personal identity, Aquarians with career and purpose…

It also matters where Saturn is located in your birth chart and how it’s affected by the other planets. (Want to know what’s going on with your Saturn?)

Transition points can often be the hardest, so hang on – once Saturn picks up speed, things may start feeling more grounded. Of course, that is, until Jupiter stops and goes direct on April 8…