Saturn-in-SagittariusJanuary 26, 2017 is a significant day in Vedic Astrology because Saturn moves into Sagittarius after spending 2.5 years in Scorpio. This is a big deal because Saturn is the slowest moving planet and only changes signs every 3 years.

From Scorpio To Sagittarius

Saturn’s energy, in many ways, is more closely aligned with Scorpio than Sagittarius. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Natural Zodiac, and Saturn is associated with the 8th house, which deals with hidden things that lie beneath the surface. These are the kind of things that are buried and then resurface and surprise us in a seemingly sudden way, when in fact the situation has been brewing for a long time. Scorpio is not a friendly sign for Saturn, so this was not exactly a match made in heaven.

Now, Saturn will be making its home in Sagittarius, a fiery, feisty and expansive sign. These energies have nothing to do with Saturn’s cold, separative, contracted nature, which makes these two unlikely bedfellows.  They will create a interesting alchemy of these energies and the combination will be more pleasant than what we’ve been dealing with for the past couple years.

Changes And Challenges

More importantly, Saturn will be moving into a different house in your birth chart, which means that a completely different area of your life is going to get the “Saturn treatment.”

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is known as the King of Dharma and he represents reality, as in impermanence. Wherever he goes you can bet your life there will be significant transitions. Ultimately these shifts are in service of clearing away what is no longer meant for us so that new blossoms can flower, but that philosophical perspective doesn’t make Saturn’s bitter pills any easier to swallow.

These changes are very often our biggest challenges until we learn to “roll” with them. Our maturing relationship to “letting go” is our truest evolution. Our capacity to flow and bend with whatever Saturn brings is at the very core of our spiritual growth.

Saturn will bring these new changes to everyone for the next few years. Many of us will be breathing a huge sigh of relief as seemingly endless challenges in one area of our life are finally resolved! And many of us will also be surprised by big shifts that we weren’t expecting in another area.

In particular, anyone who has Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo rising is likely to experience the most intense changes in key areas like their core identity, home and happiness, relationships and career.

The lens of Vedic Astrology helps us understand what’s happening in our lives as we track the movements of Saturn, among other things. This allows us to see changes for what they truly are so that we can make the best of them instead of experiencing the profound pain of resistance.

A Word Of Caution About Saturn Retrograde

Make note of this: Saturn will go retrograde and head back into Scorpio on June 20, then make the final transit into Sagittarius on October 26. Don’t count on the effects of the changes Saturn brings until after this final transit!

Any last bits of karma that Saturn intended for us during its time in Scorpio will bear fruit during this window, and we won’t have a good sense of where things are truly headed until Saturn is completely out of Scorpio. You might want to deeply consider any long term commitments you make before October, since there may be elements of the situation yet to be revealed.

This is the end of one era and the beginning of another (for the next 2.5 years). May we all surrender with complete grace and ease to whatever Saturn brings and transform what’s misaligned into that which is Divinely Aligned.

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