I was recently hosted by Paul Ross Kerzner for his “Are You Being Present?” podcast series. The title and topic of this podcast is “Gaining Presence Astrologically” and was chosen because of the profound effect astrology can have on a your life and your ability to be present. Whether you’ve had your chart read professionally, or have been a little skeptical, this podcast will provide some helpful information and insight about astrology and presence.

At the beginning of the podcast the topic of “free will” comes up when Paul shares his belief that humans can alter their life path by making certain decisions. I explain that free will, more so the amount a person has, is a hot topic in the world of astrology. One of the interesting facets of Vedic Astrology is to help identify where a person has a lot of free will and to show areas where there might not be as much.

Later in the podcast I spend some time talking about my first experiences with astrology and how I decided to become a Vedic Astrologer. I also discussed the full moon and lunar eclipse and what effects might be taking place due to this specific alignment.

If you’ve been interested in learning more about astrology and are also working on being present in your life, then you will certainly enjoy this podcast: