You know that moment you say yes to something that seems great “on paper” and yet there is a little nagging twinge somewhere in your body, warning you, “Is this really the right choice?”

Or that moment when something you *were* a full “yes” to starts to feel “off,” but your mind insists it’s fine, and you don’t want to rock the boat, so you just go along with it?

These moments are seeds of wisdom, asking to be watered with our deep listening, so that they can germinate and take root, growing us into our true, aligned path.

This is our inner compass of integrity, telling us that we are out of alignment.

When we ignore these whispers from reality, our lives get overtaken by a field of invasive weeds. And it takes a heroic amount of effort to clear a field of full-grown weeds!

There are so many times I have disregarded these subtle promptings from reality until they turned into loud, flashing sirens that led to all sorts of painful consequences.

Looking back, all I had to do was take the slightly bitter pill of truth – as soon as the symptoms showed up – to avoid getting the full-blown disease.

This has been especially important with romantic partnerships, business partnerships, new clients, new jobs, new hires, houses, housemates, and other investments of time, money and emotional energy.

When we fail to pay attention to our inner guidance, we create a mess.

When we are living inside of a “no,” we start exhibiting unconscious protest behavior. We may avoid, numb out, withdraw, procrastinate or fail to keep our word.

Or we might get triggered, speak unkindly, or do something passive-aggressive.

We wind up hurting ourselves and other people in ways that are hard to clean up.

This drains our vital energy.

It is very difficult to access our highest vibration when we are unwittingly lying to ourselves and others.

If we feel depressed, flat, anxious, perpetually angry or sick, it’s a sign that we are living a lie.

Usually we are perpetuating this self deception in order to “keep the peace,” avoid upsetting someone, or get around having an uncomfortable conversation, but it always has the opposite effect.

When we finally deal with the situation and get honest with everyone involved, it feels like a massive dam of energy is released and we can experience joy once again.

Looking back we wonder, “Why did I wait so long?”

It is so helpful to have someone who can be our loving mirror in these moments so we can see our blind spots and return to our truth.

I love doing this for others in my Vedic astrology readings and coaching. And I’ve been blessed with people who do this for me.

NB: Do not ever be this mirror for someone without their consent. It doesn’t work. ????

The Full Lunar eclipse is on Wednesday and it’s an ideal time to peek under the thinning veil of illusion and identify our delusions. Inner vision will be strong with the Full Moon in Cancer.

It is NOT a good time to take new actions as emotions will be amplified and new insights may need time to marinate so we can be sure of what’s real and unreal. (Wait until 2 days after the Solar Eclipse on the 15th if you can!)

I’ll include a link to more information about the meaning of Eclipses in Vedic Astrology in the comments.

~ A huge heaping cauldron of gratitude for my dear friend and mentor, Giovanni Cavalieri, for being the first one to teach me how to read my inner compass, and for reflecting the above to me recently when I needed a reminder). ~