Anyone who has read about Vedic Astrology can tell that it’s not exactly the lightest material. While many patterns indicate desirable events and qualities, no one is lining up for some of the less desirable ones.

So, you looked up your chart, and you’ve got a Kala Sarpa Yoga, Kuja Dosha and you’re entering Sade Sati. And to top it all off, Mercury is in Retrograde for the next six weeks. Should you just move to a cave for the rest of your life?

Upon seeing these signs, some Astrologers may urge you to invest in a pricey gemstone, repeat thousands of mantras, or even buy a ‘special spray’ to remedy the dire situation. But this is rarely necessary, appropriate or even useful.

Accurate astrology is contextual. Everything depends on everything else in the chart. Nothing can be read in a vacuum, not within the chart, nor when relating what’s currently in the sky to someone’s life – it needs to be tied to the whole horoscope (not to mention the human being whose horoscope it is…) in order to be valid.

In Vedic Astrology, these types of patterns are described in an intentionally hyperbolic way, in order for the exaggerations to easily stick in the mind of the student attempting to memorize them. So if you have one in your chart, and you Google it, don’t freak out when you read something awful.

On top of that, some of these patterns aren’t even described in the texts from which most Vedic Astrologers source their information. So it’s even more important to ensure that you can really trust the discernment of whomever is describing them.

So don’t sweat it. There’s no need to move to a cave, or to even be concerned.  Instead, call a reputable, professional Astrologer and get a reading to find out what your chart really means.