inspiring music

Here are a few of my favorite inspiring lyrical songs. When these words get stuck in my head, it’s a very good thing, like a powerful mantra that reminds me of what I’m truly committed to.

I’ve grouped them by the type of message they transmit and have included an excerpt of the lyrics so you can listen to the ones you’re drawn to. You can listen to each of these songs for free online by following the links, and most of them are available for purchase.

Many of these songs are from the same musical genre (softer, more spiritual, healing and medicine songs), but these are simply the ones that first came to mind when I put the list together.  Check back every week or so as I’ll be updating this list with new additions from a wider variety of genres.


Letting Go and Moving On

Ready To Let Go – Ali Maya – “I’m ready to let go of all that no longer serves me…”

Hallelujah – MaMuse – “Take from me these troubles, bring me sweet release…”

I Release (And Let Go) – Rickie Byars Beckwith – “I release and let go, I let the Spirit run my life…”


Having Faith

Chico Gospel – MaMuse – “The sun has come out beyond a shadow of my doubt, I am walking on this earth stronger than ever.”

Heart’s Mystery – Nick Barber – “When you let go of fear, the truth will appear, so simple and clear…”


Self Empowerment

Heart Of The Lotus – Po-a-tree – “I am who I am, and who I am is beautiful…”

Awakening – Darpan – “When the light within is revealed, all the pain and suffering shall be healed…”

My Queen – Maureen Ji – “Help me always to see, I love myself, be forever free…”


Being Human/Having Compassion

Human Kind – Po-a-tree – “We’re all learning how to be living breathing human beings, in a world full of others living too…”

Come – Shimshai – “It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken your vows a thousand times before, come again, come…”



Including Love: Music That Celebrates Sacred Union – NiMITAE – This is a set of multiple songs about sacred union.

Release – Random Rab – “I see it in my dreams, I know we will be one…”

Formosa  – Temple Step Project and Samart – “To feel your presence is so beautiful, to sit in your silence, so simple…”



White Buffalo Calf Woman – Po-a-tree – “Great spirit hear our prayer, inner peace for all beings everywhere…”

Cuatro Colores – Ali Maya (Traditional) – “The four colors of the four directions, Black, Red, Yellow, White…”

Alter of Love – Ananda Yogiji and Jaya Lakshmi – “All that I am I offer at the altar of love, in sweet surrender…”

Ganapataye – Murray Kyle – “Open the way for my life to flow free, clear the illusion that I may see, a luminous path of harmony…”


What are you favorite songs with a great message? Leave a comment below with a link to the music. Let’s spread the healing sounds!