KarmaHave you ever stopped to wonder why astrology works?

It’s kind of a weird concept that the movement of the planets against the backdrop of the constellations somehow determines how your life goes.

On the surface, it seems like a strange belief, but if you dig deeper, you’ll discover that the arrangement of the planets represents what’s going on within you. Their location, relative to earth, is like a signpost – in this infinite universe – of where you are in time and space, and that includes your inner and outer landscape.

Consider the idea that when you were born, you had a destiny.

You came into the world at a specific time when the situation on the outside could match the energy your individual soul had inside, and that set you on a particular trajectory.

That’s what your astrological birth chart shows – exactly what energy you had as you began this lifetime, via the placement of each planet, house and constellation.

The energy you came in with interacts with the energy around you for the rest of your life, and that’s what makes astrological predictions possible.

You can see how your chart is going to play along with the current and future state of the planets in the sky and then get a sense of what’s most likely to happen in all areas of your life.

You have this predictable destiny because of karma.

Your karma is the collection of actions you have taken throughout your multitude of lifetimes. According to many Eastern philosophies, you are given a certain portion of your total karma to experience in this lifetime.

Karma can show up as specific events in your life but it also reveals itself as deeply engrained patterns in your physical, emotional and intellectual mind.

These patterns are usually very hard for you to see on your own, and can cause you to take unconscious actions that perpetuate them, which means you are living your life according to fate.

Once you can see the patterns and you know how your karma is influencing you in this lifetime, you can begin to go beyond fate and experience free will.

Free will can only be exercised when you have awareness. You don’t truly choose the things you do unconsciously – that’s why they are so predictable.

If you want to become free, you need to understand where you are bound and develop this awareness. As you untie these knots and begin to make conscious choices you will be liberated.

Sometimes there will be events you can’t change. But you can always improve your ability to respond to them in a way that creates more peace and joy for yourself and others.

My feeling is this:

Why wait any longer to get yourself on a better trajectory? What is more important than understanding your karma and becoming free?

It’s why I’ve chosen the path of helping to shed light on the hidden forces guiding people’s lives. It brings me so much joy to walk beside my Vedic Astrology clients as they have those big, life changing “a-ha” moments about the patterns that have been running them, and then to watch them choose a better way.

If you’d like to understand your karma via your birth chart and learn how to become more free, follow this link because I’d be honored to do a Vedic Astrology reading for you.

Let’s liberate ourselves!