You loved your Vedic Astrology reading, but how do you integrate what you’ve learned so that you blossom from the experience?

You may have learned about areas of your life where you naturally thrive, but the reading also illuminates blind spots and patterns that some part of you does not really want to hear (i.e. your identity/ego).  These are the parts of the reading you are most likely, if not guaranteed, to forget.

Often, after we receive any kind of advice or feedback, we remember everything that agrees with our current reality and level of awareness and forget everything that challenges our core beliefs. The gold is in the stuff we naturally forget.

The trick is to remind yourself of the important bits, of the key areas where you can apply yourself to make real, tangible changes toward the results you’re moving toward. There will be at least one or two big things that you can work on right now, if you choose to, by putting in a little effort each day to bring awareness to your thoughts, words and actions.

Immediately after the reading, write down what these specific things are (I offer my clients a recording of their session so that it’s easier to retain this information). Then, put a calendar reminder in your computer or phone; write a sticky note and put it on your monitor, your bathroom mirror, your fridge; add a line item to your daily to do list – these are all easy ways to keep the rich lessons of your reading alive in your awareness.

In time, you’ll see results.