So you want to have a Vedic Astrology reading, but you don’t know your exact time of birth?

Try these methods, starting with the first one and working your way down the list if you need to continue searching:

1. Check your birth certificate. Long Form birth certificates usually have your birth time.

2. Ask your mother. If she is very certain about your birth time, you can use it. Otherwise, there is a good chance that she was busy giving birth to you, and not paying attention to the clock, so her memory may not be accurate.

3. Check family keepsakes like your baby book, a parent’s journal, a newspaper announcement, a hospital bassinet card, etc.

4. Order a copy of your Long Form birth certificate. Contact the County Office of your birthplace, or the Town Hall, the City Hall, or the State Government Office. Look for the Department/Office of Vital Records, or the Department of Birth and Death Records. You may be able to talk them into giving you your birth time free of charge. If you do pay to have the birth certificate mailed to you, make sure it actually has your birth time on it.

5. Order a copy of your Long Form birth certificate online. Some of these agencies mentioned above hired Vitalchek to handle these requests for them so you may also be able to order your birth certificate online. However, you run the risk of paying for a copy that doesn’t have your birth time on it, so try your best to find out from them if it’s there before ordering anything.

5. Contact the hospital you were born at. You may have to pay a fee to have them locate your birth record.

If none of these methods work out for you, interview your family and friends to find out whether you can at least narrow your birth time down to a shorter window, like 3 hours.