The other night I was contemplating whether or not photos, writing, and audio/video recordings of us carry any of our consciousness with them (also, yes, I recently watched Black Mirror, so this topic was fresh in my mind!)

While these creations do not have self awareness, they do transmit our consciousness anytime someone interacts with them. They are doling out energy on our behalf, even if we are not aware of it.

This means that our creations can create karma for us, since karma is created in both the energy we put out, but also the response that we generate.

If someone develops anger toward us because of our photos, those photos are creating a karmic bond between us and that person, whether we know it or not, or whether or not it is reasonable for them to feel that way.

Because of this, in many ancient spiritual traditions, fame is often regarded as more of a curse than a blessing.

All sorts of people put their attention on celebrities, and in all kinds of ways. One may be an adoring fan, but another may be obsessive or be projecting unwanted energy. No personal interactions are necessary to create these energetic bonds.

Most people aren’t equipped or trained to handle this much energy coming at them and it takes an accomplished yogi or shaman to transmute and channel it in a good way (an ability that was most likely acquired via diligent practice in many past lives).

The energy of other people’s thoughts about us is powerful, en masse, and can knock us off balance if we aren’t prepared.

This is why so many famous people fall apart and wind up having extremely challenging lives, despite their success and appearance of “having it all” from the outside.

We now live in a world where social media is King, and we are all aspiring celebrities in our own hall of mirrors.

There are no longer any geographical barriers to limit the number of people we enmesh with, and the amount of karma we can create in one lifetime is practically infinite.

We are in a cultural fishbowl where we don’t realize how embedded this desire to be seen is becoming in each of us. To be seen by as many people as possible is now entwined with our very survival. This will only deepen as time goes on.

The archetype that represents this new, barely-understood world is Rahu.

Rahu is the ever-moving point where the orbital path of the Sun and the Moon intersect, and is a key player in eclipses.

Rahu is a Hungry Ghost who always wants more but never feels satisfied. Rahu represents compulsive ambition, self-serving fame, ingenuity, imposters, subterfuge, unsolvable riddles, and things that are simply not what they seem.

The United States is in a Rahu “chapter” for the next 15 years and our President is basically the human embodiment of Rahu. We don’t have the birth time of this iteration of Humanity, but it seems we are collectively in a Rahu period as the epidemic of compulsively desiring fame is global.

So what do we do with this realization?

We stay awake, grounded and aware.

We tune into the frequencies of gratitude and anonymous service.

We surround ourselves with wise beings who can give us accurate and personal reflections.

We carefully consider what we are putting out there online and take time to understand and prepare for what it means to be seen and judged by many.

This doesn’t mean we should hide in a cave- we are inherently creative beings, and life is meant to be lived – but with this awareness, we can consciously choose what energies we are inviting into our field and the level we wish to play at.