At 6:18 pm PST on January 16, 2018, the Moon will be completely dark in Capricorn. The light of the Moon and Venus are heavily distorted by the Nodes and obscured by the Sun right now, until the Moon enters Aquarius early morning on the 19th.

Psychic powers, ESP and intuition are extremely heightened, which means that those who are empathic will be feeling even more than usual. Visions will be stronger, more vivid, and may even seem to be at odds with reality. It’s best to sit with these visions before sharing or interpreting them, as they may be emanations of the collective consciousness (or the mind) versus pure transmissions of truth.

For certain people, this configuration will bring up issues around boundaries and codependence in romantic and professional relationships. It may be harder to tell what is “yours” and what is “theirs,” and many people will be feeling extra sensitive. It’s wise to communicate with extra care to minimize conflict as those who are already feeling emotionally imbalanced may feel especially inflamed right now.

This is not a great time to make a big decision or start something new because certain key information is likely to be hidden from your view. If you can wait until the 19th, it will be much better.

This IS a very rich time for creativity and that is the perfect place to channel any extra intense energy during this time.

The coming full Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse so the intensity will continue to rise over the next 2 weeks! ????☀️