Karma clockI was listening to a podcast the other day and the host was questioning whether she still believes in Astrology.

Her complaint was that every forecast she reads says essentially the same thing: “Everything is really intense right now! Hang onto your hats, it’s gonna be a wild and difficult ride!” She wondered why the stars never said, “It’s all going great! Enjoy!!”

I laughed as I listened, knowing exactly what she was talking about, and immediately thought, “I know why…”

There are two main reasons why transits/forecasts almost always sound ominous.


1) Transits should not be interpreted without looking at our individual charts.

The transits are important, sure. They affect us all, yes, and sometimes in similar ways. But the only way to know exactly how they will impact us is to compare them to our birth charts.

A transit that will be crazy-making for one person will be money-making for the next person. A transit that cause major changes for one person will mean minor changes for the next.

It all depends on whether the transit mirrors something that was also happening at the time of our birth, which brings that pattern back up for us and makes it stronger, for better or for worse.

Read more about this in my article for Elephant Journal.


2) Astrology exists so we can understand our karma. Transits are like a clock that show us when it’s time for karma to ripen. Karma can be intense!

Astrology was created/channeled to help us see the hidden patterns running our lives so we can increase our use of free will instead of being run by our past.

When the transits align with our birth charts, astrology sounds the karmic alarm clock, and we know that certain things are very likely to happen.

Transits = change = intensity.

People who are interested in karma and destiny tend to have lives that are full of big ups and downs (i.e. karmic influences), and look to astrology to understand what’s going on (many become astrologers!)

Therefore, most people writing astrological forecasts are doing so from the lens of having very intense lives, and from their perspective, everything is always happening in an intense way. This comes out in their writing and they rarely tell you that things are going to be all calm and dandy.


So there you have it! If you’ve ever wondered about this yourself, I hope this helps.

Oh, and it goes without saying that everything is really intense right now! Seriously. We have some big transits coming up that are going to blow your mind!!! 😉 (I’m only half kidding – watch out for August 11 and 13 when we’ll have 2 big ones with Jupiter and Saturn – I’ll write again soon explaining those…)

As always, if you’d like to know how these big transits are going to affect you (for real), I highly recommend getting a personal reading with me. You can learn more and schedule that here.


Until next time,