Tomorrow, the Moon will join the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces, where she will become new again, beginning another cycle of waxing light.

When the Moon is waning, especially in the second week, she rises in the middle of the night, so most of us are asleep during the hours when the moonlight is visible. This makes it feel like the Moon is dark for much longer than a couple of days.

I’m always relieved when the Moon becomes totally dark, because I know the light is finally returning to the night sky, and that my own energy is about to get brighter. I feel delight when the crescent Moon is first visible near the horizon just after Sunset when the waxing cycle begins.

Some of us are more deeply affected by the lunar cycles than others, depending on the Moon’s location in our birth chart.

I’ve found that tracking the cycles of the Moon has made it much easier to predict my own energy flow. My energy is inward and darker during the last week of the waning moon, and more outward and optimistic as soon as the waxing cycle begins.

Once I began observing this, by intentionally viewing the Moon and taking the moonlight in through my eyes, my physical Moon cycle became perfectly aligned with the actual Moon, making my energy even more predictable. (This is also true when I sleep near a window where the moonlight is visible).

The Spring equinox is in just a few days which means the most intense phase of the waxing Sun is also from now until Solstice. The waxing Sun/waxing Moon weeks are my favorite time of year because this is when we experience the most light overall. I’m celebrating the beginning of these precious 3 months of abundant light!

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